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About Tunisha

I am a Master Energy Healer and an Intuitive Psychic for more than 2 decades. I feel, know and hear the answers that you seek. Receive the answers that YOU NEED to know to empower you to make the best decision moving forward in LOVE and LIFE!
I am here for you. I can help you change your life too for the better!
Over 25 years ago, I had a "near-death" experience and unknown to me this opened up my "gifts". It has taken to years to accept these and channel them in a way that allows me to receive messages from my guides to share with you.
I am a certified Master Healer of several different energy modalities that work at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

I have studied the brain extensively and I am also a qualified neuroscientist working for 20+ years in corporate healthcare. The knowledge I have acquired and fine-tuned over decades allows me to understand at a more scientific level the capability of what we can do not only in the physical realm but in the spiritual world. I see myself as a "messenger" for you at a place where science and spirit meet.

But who I am really? I am a mother of 2 spirited young children. I am a Daughter, A Mentor, A A friend and I am your Psychic BFF.

The way I read for you will be by tuning into your energy which then allows me to connect to any person/s or situation you want to know about. I receive the answers to the questions you ask me through my guides and also through reading the energies and a general knowing of what is going to happen. I will not make up an answer to make you feel better or stroke your ego.
 My readings are direct but compassionate and I will not sugar-coat anything. I tell you what I hear and feel and know.

I consider it a privilege to be able to CONNECT with you as you are allowing me access into some of the most intimate areas of your soul. Generally I do not offer timings as FREE-WILL can change the outcome however in many instances if I get a strong message related to timing then I will share this with you and my accuracy rate has been >95%.

Call me only if you’re ready to hear the truth!

M Experiences:

More than 20 Years of Experience
Master Energy Healer
Intuitive Psychic

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