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About Tracey

Experience as natural empath and healer  I have natural abilities to pick up what others are thinking , sense and feeling  through my empathic abilities, I didn’t realise I had these abilities as I helped my family in crisis as I feel there pain so strongly I have to help them to feel better and  always helped them to get through and heal when anything had gone wrong in their lives all my life  only as I had got older and learning tarot  that I realised what this natural ability was. My previous callers are simply amazed by providing them accurate depth of detail and provide relevant mediation which keeps them coming back.
I use tarot, oracle and angel cards as tools and they have helped me along the way pick up other abilities I never knew I had clairvoyance and clairaudience, I can hear, feel and Pick up your situation you are enquiring about through the cards. I provide detailed readings as well as positive outlook on love and relationship concerns as well as life problem solutions not just to solve their immediate issues, but also to empower them. I also am a reiki, and crystal healing practitioner and use colour therapy to help you heal in times of stress and upset leaving you feeling refreshed and with hope once your leave your reading.
A reading can help show the energies around you, your emotions what is blocking you and a snap shot of what has been happening in your life up until this point in time by offering a reflection of your past, present and future and gives you guidance and the next steps you can take to give you a fresh perspective in your life journey. The cards can answer your questions about relationships, work, money, romance love and career. I make sure that I connect with my clients immediately and leave them with great hope and clarity and at the same time Straightforward but Compassionate and Calm.
I am an intuitive and psychic tarot reader and will pick up messages from spirit and will give you  clear guidance to your questions and situation , using tarot, oracle and angel cards and provide healing to yours situation with the angels and colour therapy if you so require.
I can provide distant healing for yourself, others or your pets using Reiki healing and Crystals will just need a picture of yourself or your pet to do this.

My experience/Qualifications are:

Natural born psychic empathic and healing abilities
Certified Tarot Card Reader ( Certified by Journey Of the Beloved Tarot Course).
Certified Oracle Card Reader ( Certified by Doreen Virtue ).
Certified Connect with your Angels Reader ( with Kyle Gray).
Certified Reiki 1 & 2 System of Natural Healing ( Certified by Holistic Harmony).
Certified Crystal Healing Practioner ( Certified by Holistic Harmony).
Declaration Of A Light worker ( I recognise and accept the path as a light worker).

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