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Answers with direction that leads to clarity.
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About Terri

I am a naturally gifted psychic medium; tarot reader and healer, offering honest spiritual guidance that will help to bring you peace and clarity in all areas of your life and have been in the industry for almost 4 decades.  I come from a long ancestral line of traditional Romany gypsy fortune tellers and healers, therefore, my abilities were gifted to me at birth and I have been developing, nurturing and fine-tuning these abilities. I offer suggestions to help my clients understand that there are choices in life based on clarity and wisdom. I help my clients choose the best path.

I am an intuitive channeler and channel messages from spirit. I have 100% trust in my spirit guides and the information I receive from them, therefore, I will not hold back from the truth or sugar coat any messages I provide to you from spirit, and while this may feel confronting at first, with my non-judgemental support, I will guide you through any issues or confusion in order for you to move forward with a greater sense of understanding and acceptance. I specialize in Bohemian Spirit Animal Tarot, a combination of tradition gypsy tarot and spirit animal totems, which allows me to gain a deeper insight into your current situation and the possible solutions available. I started reading tarot at age 15 when my Mum gave me my first tarot deck for my birthday. It was the Pomo tarot deck with artwork by Salvador Dali and a lot of the meanings had to reference to dreamwork by Freud and Jung, this sent me on my journey along the path of dreams and dream interpretation. My favorite topics to discuss include career, love, relationships, life path and dreams or ambitions.

I have also always had a strong connection to animal and nature spirits, even as a young child you would find me in the garden playing with faeries or gaining knowledge and wisdom from the animals and ancient nature spirits. I began communicating with Animals and Animal Spirits at a very young age, my Mum tells me from the time I could talk I would have conversations with our pet cat. I would also often tell my family things that a normal household cat could not possibly know. This ability later led me to gain work as a pet psychic and I was a regular reader for Mrs. Rose Porteous and her Infamous Poodles, an experience I am blessed to have had and will never forget! I have the ability to converse and connect with a variety of spiritual topics and levels. I see how energy functions in relationships and offer guidance on what is working and/or what needs to change for it to work. Clients often say that once they are able to make an adjustment, things move in the right direction.

Psychic readings provide a window towards future possibility based on the frequency you are emitting in present time. By having an awareness of your energetic atmosphere, you come into a greater sense of empowerment about the vibrational messages you are sending out to the Universe, and how those messages are echoing back to you through your daily experiences and encounters. If you need spiritual advice and guidance in any area of your life; Love, Health, Career, Money or just life in general, I will work with you find peace, clarity and understanding, I will help you find the solutions needed to resolve your problems and move any obstacles hindering your path! 

My Experience:

35 Years of psychic medium, tarot reader and healer.
Intuitive channeler

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