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Helps to overcome Life's challenges. 
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About Suzie

My readings are all about balance. Balance leads to security and confidence. I know how difficult and painful some life-altering experiences can be but my callers shouldn’t wallow in them. I will help them overcome whatever they’re facing so they can move forward.

I’m a world traveling, knowledge seeking, Mother Earth-loving’, Goddess-honoring, professional tarot counselor. I am a person who lives their life through connecting with Mother Earth & I walk daily with the Goddess and I live a Magical and Witchy life. I love helping people so they can cope with life’s ups and downs. I focus on their key questions and pride myself on my ability to listen. I help my callers feel uplifted through our genuine and compassionate conversations.

I enjoy discussing spirituality, destiny, and purpose. I am here to bring you clarity and uplift you when you’re frustrated or sad. I have been fascinated with divination & tarot since as long as I could remember. Ever since my very first tarot reading when I was a teenager, I have been intrigued by the insights & the accuracy of it all. I have a background in reading runes, using pendulums, & other forms of divination but tarot is my true love. Whenever I’ve been stuck in life or needed some insight, tarot has always been there for me, showing me the way.

I am a female empowerment leader who has been involved in the Wiccan and Pagan communities for over 15 years, teaching women how to live a more witchy and enchanted lifestyle. I excel at introducing new and old practitioners alike to Tarot cards, crystals, witchy woo and other earth-based metaphysical practices into their lives.

I currently mentor students looking to expand their spiritual practice by teaching Tarot basics in her course as well as a Mentor through her Magickal Life Coaching Program. The way I approach readings is different than most readers.  My readings are created to tap into your subconscious mind, letting it speak to you loud & clear. I encourage you to see the truth; understand the choices available, and the possibilities that lay ahead.

I truly do care about where you are in life & where you want to go. I will always provide an honest & straightforward reading that leaves you with concrete goals for achieving your highest potential. You will never leave my readings feeling defeated, sad, or disempowered. I read from a place of truth, light, empowerment & compassion.  I approach tarot readings from a positive & insightful perspective.

If you’re struggling with self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions, or fears, my tarot readings will help you tap into your higher consciousness. Tarot can bring the clarity need to help you start making decisions based on your true potential. If you need clarification on your life’s purpose or your career, my readings will lead you down the right path for you.  My readings are personalized based on your specific question or issue & aren’t your cookie cutter type of tarot spread. I am a certified tarot reader with hours of formal training as well as intuitive training.

I believe that my life experiences (good and bad) allow me to connect with my clients no matter what they are going through. I offer suggestions to help my clients understand that there are choices in life based on clarity and wisdom. I help my clients choose the best path. It may not be the easiest path, but one directed towards a view of what they truly desire, and one rich with personal rewards. I always give the time that is needed to help a client and I persevere until I can find a way to help them so that they walk out in a more peaceful state. My work is my passion.

My experience:

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