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About Stephen

I use a combination of psychic and energy healing techniques to give clarity and truth and to release blockages on a deep level, with grace and compassion. I hope to provide clarity, so you can move forward with an empowered sense of self. When it comes to psychic readings, I am here to listen to you, support you, and give you the guidance that helps you on your journey. I specialize in unravelling love dynamics so that you can make the most informed choices about your relationships as well as your life in general.  I also do career and finance issues particularly.
My Spiritual Journey began at 3 years old with recollections of past lives on the ocean. I started meditating without prompting at 5 years old. During these meditations, I started feeling deep vibrations in my body that shook me from side to side. After this I became aware of paranormal activity, sensing spirits around me. I could hear people’s thoughts, identify their belief patterns and see their past lives. At around 16, I started channeling consciousness to random strangers. I realized that I was a true psychic healer. Helping people heal was my soul purpose in life. I believe you can control what happens to you when you are equipped with the right information. I believe we can choose our own destinies. My life has changed so much in the last few years because I chose the destiny I wanted. I can help you choose your destiny too!
I went on to study a wide range of healing of modalities to including Theta Healing, Distant Healing, Past Life Regression, Energy Work, Gerson Therapy, Re-connective Healing, and Access Bars. My deep connection with the ocean flows naturally through my healing work. During my readings, I drop into the silent void and bring back information and insights about your past, present and future. I work with many guides and masters to assist me to clear trapped spirits, re-wire negative belief systems, and resolve past lives. I also send waves of divine ocean healing energy through your body, mind and soul. You will feel the energy shifting around you. I believe in karma, and I say what I see and I sense. If I were getting a reading, I would expect the same from my psychic. True healing and transformation can take place when the caller speaks their truth, is open and vulnerable.
A psychic reading is an opportunity to learn and grow—not to just get quick answers to questions. Yes, I’m here to answer your questions, but I also want to help you make the necessary changes so you can live your best life forward. I hope the caller gets clarity on whatever is the concern for the moment
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