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A natural intuitive and psychic and energy reader that provides accurate consistent & direct Reading for 15years, Sally is your not your average psychic that uses senses such as seeing, feeling and knowing, but is a specialist audient that tunes into the vibration of your voice or energy via message and provide not only with her reading but as well as great insight and good advice.

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About Me

I am a natural born psychic clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognisant medium, remote viewer and empath, with a scientific and teaching background and a down to earth, honest, and uplifting approach which is based on seeing the possibilities and probabilities and ways through situations. I have been told that I am a very truthful reader and highly empathic not only by my regular clients, mostly by my new Clients.

My 15 years experience as a reader, guide, healer and coach has brought me into many different focuses, energy reading and clearing with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). My focus is always guiding, empowering and helping you find your path to have a successful life journey with your own free will always coming into play. I'm here to help guide you to find your way to a happy, abundant and successful life and provide unfolding predictions that is at the same time assuring, accurate and clear.

My background has always been in motivation and empowerment training as a teacher. I spent 35 years working in many fields of education as a School Governor and also with many special needs children .Most of the time, I work primarily of children of all ages around 200 schools and spent 15 years teaching them to meditate. In my youth I played Volleyball for England and definitely know focus and intention as well as energy of the moment.

 I am a natural intuitive and very psychic and highly empathic energy reader. Many people have spotted my gifts over the years and reflected them back to me. My first memories were speaking to the spirits in my bedroom as a child, and feeling and sensing. When my father passed, I saw angels and felt filled with love. Something I never expected.And went on to run Angel days with a friend.

 I went onto coach intuitively and give readings around the world ending up recently being a TV psychic and have been a guest on numerous radio shows with self development empowerment guidance and readings. I also trained with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) “Tapping” which is tapping on the energy meridians of the body to dispel any negative patterns and bring in new positive energy and thoughts clearing blocks and mental mindset that may have stopped you in the past.

I can also give “Soul Plans Reading” based on the vibration of your name and the name that your chose to be born with, which is a form of Numerology developed from Frank Alper which is a channelled system based on your birth name. I also fund raised and helped build an orphanage in Nepal with some friends.

I always aim to leave someone empowered and uplifted by the end of any call.



Qualified teacher 35 years.

EFT Therapist and coach.
Soul Plan reader.
Natural born Psychic.
Remote viewer and empath. 


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