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About Ruby

I am a Tarot and Oracle Master who specializes in using these cards, the cards never lie and the cards allow me to receive any messages from the spirit guides and the angels watching over you, I'm also clairsentient. I specialize in love and relationships, but am happy to read on soul mate identification and problem-solving, reuniting lost loves, jobs, career and business questions. My desire is to truly comfort and guide. I am an instrument to help others on their journey. My mission is to empower callers and help them understand that celestial timing can be a crucial element in achieving desired goals in life and love. I believe strongly that everything that happens to us is an opportunity for growth. Each call or chat has the potential to change a life.

I will ask if you have any questions or areas upon which you would like me to focus. I will instantly connect with your higher self and divine support team, who communicate with my guides. I pass messages on from my higher self to your higher self! I open all my psychic senses to provide various ways for Spirit to come through. My goal is to help you with whatever problems you have. Please clear your mind and allow me to intuitively focus and reveal profound psychic revelations. Over the years, I have developed my own metaphysical application that helps me connect with the energy of your inner-self to help and advise anyone who needs focus, direction and clarity.

Most of my clients describe me as a compassionate; shares insight in a respectful, validating, and assuring way when appropriate. I want you to feel inspired as you get your questions answered with clarity, support, and comfort. There is always help available. Readings are to be done with the highest intentions of love and light, for validation of truth. I specialize in everything from relationships readings, twin flame readings to readings on finance and everything else in between. I'm also clairvoyant intuitive and I'll use this gift to give you insight on whatever is causing you trouble at this moment. 

It’s important to feel what my callers feel and tell them the truth in a compassionate manner. I am honest and can use Tarot for guidance or to sum up your current life position. The art of Tarot has been in my family for generations, I come from a long line of peasant gypsies who used tarot cards as a way of helping people. The tarot cards never lie and I will use my psychic skills also to gain spiritual insight into your situation.  Through practice and confirmation from my clients, I know I give great insights and can shed light on your purpose. I can share the feelings of all parties involved and can help you work towards a good outcome when you are feeling challenged.

I look forward to reading for you and help you find the path that leads to your own happiness!

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