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About Richard

A professional reader for 15 years, I am able to address any area of life's questions you might have. I counsel on issues of life and help others find their path, as spirit shows me. I can help with relationships, past and present, soul mates and career choices. I have an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and am a second-generation intuitive. My approach to reading is empathetic and non-judgmental as we all have different sets of circumstances in our lives, and I always make the client feel comfortable and relaxed in order to get the best reading possible for them. I would say I have a straightforward approach and offer clear advice and guidance that is grounded in concrete everyday terms while I lay out the cards.

I empower others to find the answers they seek in love, finance, spirituality, and the future. I am able to see where blockages lie in people’s energy centers and can help with clearing this to give them further clarity to understand why things have happened and why this has not been for their highest good. Getting people to understand and have faith in themselves to be with the person that is right for them, gives me and them a better sense of awareness and helps to break old relationship patterns. No matter what messages I may receive, I always deliver my readings in a kind and caring manner. The knowledge I receive during a reading comes directly from the need I feel in a client’s heart.

I have a clairvoyant gift to help you understand and know what is best for you. I came into this life with my psychic, intuitive, and empathic abilities amplified and ready to use. I have dedicated much of my life to understanding and refining my role as a conduit between client and Spirit. I pride myself on giving them the answers they could not get elsewhere. I provide my callers with whatever they need, whether it’s hope, encouragement, a clear decision, or not so good answers.

A reading with a professional and caring psychic is a tool for a caller to better understand their relationships and life path. It’s a special kind of validation that comes from a complete stranger’s ability to see and understand something about them. It’s a divine connection that can help us all feel more empowered and less alone.

My Experiences:

More than 15 years of Experience
Advance Diploma in Crystal Reading
Advance Diploma in Counselling
Practised in Spiritual Expos

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