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About Renee

I have been reading professionally for more than 25 years and spent my life honing my abilities. I believe that the person you are and the person you will become is created through the mind, body, and spirit, and that everyone is capable of finding their spiritual nirvana. My approach is compassionate, honest, and very open. My readings are designed to inform and encourage. My specialities include romantic relationships (soul mates/twin flames) and discovering & finding alignment with your life purpose/soul path. I can cast your natal chart and determine these and so much more giving you clarity regarding your life struggles and ongoing challenges. I can help you understand why you’re hurting and what work your soul is calling out for, as well as your deepest wound and it’s healing and your past life karma.

I am a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Libra Moon. Cancer and Scorpio are water signs and the two strongest signs of a psychic or metaphysical practitioner. In addition, I have Neptune Rising which is the mark of a natural born empath. I am giving clarity, support, and direction to those who truly seek it. My greatest hope is that you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul journey, as well as gaining a more positive and loving outlook on your life and self.

As a child I just naturally knew things and was drawn to the stars and everything occult and magical! I just assumed everyone had the same “knowing” and felt other people’s (and even animals’) emotions. I realized much later that no, these were my gifts. My grandmother, uncle, cousin, and daughters all share some degree of psychic ability. My uncle did a natal chart astrology reading for me when I was 15 and it was then my understanding of my life purpose was fully revealed. While I have studied astrology with a deep passion since childhood, and dabbled in tarot and I Ching and read extensively on past lives and the paranormal and magical traditions, it took another 15 years before I began to work professionally as a psychic and healer. It has been over 25 years now and I have worked with thousands of clients. When it comes to psychic readings, I am here to listen to you, support you, and give you the guidance that helps you on your journey.

As a lifelong student I continue to study to further open my abilities. I am an astrologer, crystal healer, reiki master, animal reiki master, tarot reader, and am fluent with I Ching, Feng Shui, and numerology. My guides include Oshun, Yoruba River goddess of the sweet water, and Jiu Tian Xuan Nu, the Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven. I truly believe that all of us have the capacity to make life exactly how we want it, and she wants to help you find that, especially your life path and purpose.

Everyone deserves happiness, peace, health, contentment and to be on your soul’s journey. Let me assist and guide you toward your joy.

My Experience

More than 25 years of experience
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