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Links in with people's energies. 
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About Neil

Blind from birth, a psychic medium from Northern Ireland. First aware of my gift as a teenager. It is due to my blindness that I had to learn from an early age how to intuitively link in with people's energies. Although I am a straightforward reader, I believe in reinforcing the positive in any negative situation.  I will always tell the good with the bad, because positivity is empowering. I want the positive energy that surrounds me to radiate through my words.

I work hard to uplift, inspire, and improve your confidence and my goal is to uplift you while offering creative solutions toward realizing your life’s purpose... Because I don't see body language or facial expressions, my spirit guides have had to learn to communicate with me in a non-visual way. This means colors and detailed, physical descriptions of people's appearances don't factor into my readings at all. Instead, I will talk about someone's attitude or personality, their thoughts and feelings, their actions, etc.I use my other senses to help me relay messages I get from Spirit that may be of relevance to you. I might hear, smell, taste or feel something I will tell you about if you need to know. Aside from that, I have also the ability to converse and connect with a variety of spiritual topics and levels. I see how energy functions in relationships and offer guidance on what is working and/or what needs to change for it to work.

I also use crystals to help me read, as they amplify your energy and universal energy, which means we are all connected. My spirit guides are always with me, and they help me provide you with insight, validation and most importantly, protection. I am direct but compassionate, and I look forward to helping you today.

I believe that I was given a gift and it is not to be used lightly. My readings are a service to my clients. My goal is to help them as best I can and make sure they leave their time with me feeling better than when they first called.

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