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About Michelle

I am known as the Gentle Psychic. Naturally and gently tuning into your highest good. It allows me to give you insight, answers and guidance from spirit. Everyone is unique, therefore each reading is also. My desire is to bring answers, give peace to the hopeless heart, and share courage for growth of spirit. Let’s learn to focus on the positive and get in touch with ourselves. I empower others to find the answers they seek in love, finance, spirituality, and the future.  

I have been working within the arena of the psychic medium platform for almost 4 decades, it has given me the privilege of reading for thousands of people worldwide. Spirits chose me as a young child for this work. As a result, the journey has given me many different life experiences. I communicate sensitive information with a comfortable non-judging approach. As confirmation comes to me throughout the reading, I am often led to ask questions that are directly related to what you are asking about. This in itself often answers your questions. The messages we need to receive will come again and again until we take a step back, listen and start healing our wounds.  

My psychic and mediumship abilities are in my DNA and can be traced as far back as 500 years. I work with spirit to bring all that is needed in the highest good for all. I have a Diploma in Counselling, Community Services, Grief & Loss, & Suicide Bereavement. Reiki Master, Diploma Bowen Technique, Certificate 4 clinical massage. Which gives the assurance that I have the trained academic knowledge, as well as the window to knowledge from spirit, to assist all with healing, guidance, answers and closure.  

My readings are confidential, caring and accurate. My desire is always to help the callers, to show them issues they need to be aware of and to find a concrete solution to any issues. 

My Experiences: 
40 Years of Professional Reading 
Diploma on Counselling 
Reiki Master 
Member of International Psychics Association (IPA)

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