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Offers guidance on spiritual enlightenment.
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About Kym

I started experiencing my spiritual awakening from a very young age. I felt the need to say things to friends and family and even strangers. My goal is to move you at least one step forward on your life path, and I am going to provide you with all the clarity you need to understand your situation. 

I am an honest and forthright psychic. I won’t tell my callers what they want to hear. Rather, I tell them what they have to hear. I specialize in love, relationship, career, and financial readings.

I deal effectively with complex issues that require a very sensitive approach. I like to give support and guidance to help callers gain clarity. My spiritual guide is called Samson. He gives messages for people that come to me for a reading. I flick through tarot cards to help me focus on the messages during a reading. Sometimes I get the identity of the spirit sending the message, sometimes I don’t. I have a knack for explaining details, so you can paint a picture in your own mind of what I am seeing.

I did readings in a local market for several years, and over time had many people come back to me to confirm what I had told them. Sometimes it's good news, sometimes it’s a warning, sometimes advice and sometimes bad news. I always tell you what I am supposed to tell you, good or bad. 

I really enjoy the conversations I have with my clients and the spirits around them and me. I look forward to having many fruitful conversations.

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