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About Kelly

I am a psychic medium, an intuitive healer and teacher assisting you to look within to heal painful emotions and transform into a place of deep inner healing. I use a variety of modalities including psychic and mediumship readings, crystal healing and shamanic healing. My readings are designed to inform and encourage. I connect with Spirit to bring through healing messages that provide guidance and answers and hold you in a loving and safe space so that you yourself can heal what needs to be healed.  I specialize in unraveling love dynamics so that you can make the most informed choices about your relationships as well as your life in general.

I believe that my craft as a psychic medium is not just to predicted likely future outcomes but to pass on the messages that are channeled through me that bring people emotional healing, personal power and responsibility and soul awakening. Being proactive with solid intuitive advice will make you happier and more successful than you could ever imagine.

It is my vision and soul purpose to bring healing to this planet. I am passionate and dedicated to this purpose. I without a doubt believe that emotional healing that truly comes from the heart can assist everyone on this earth. I believe that in conjunction with Western Medicine emotional healing can greatly assist in the dissolution of disease and chronic illness. I feel my life purpose is helping people because I was given this gift to guide others to get answers so they can get clarity.

I invite you to come on this journey of deep healing and I am excited to teach, nurture and hold space for anyone wanting to connect with their own inner healer and awaken their intuitive gifts.  I feel that all readings are guided by a higher power that wants to help. There is a path that you are meant to travel. I want you to feel the love, happiness, and joy that life is can give you.

I am an accredited teacher with the Academy of Crystal Awakening and hold regular workshops teaching Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Crystal Awakening. I am also a psychic coach and encourage students to connect in with their own intuitive gifts, strengthen their intuition and trust in their abilities. I have worked hard to have a deep, spiritual connection with the universe and the people I read for. As a result, I can make the complex simple, bring peace and understanding to my callers and give them the answers they need.

My Experience

Psychic Medium
Intuitive Healer
Accredited Teacher of Crystal Awakening

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