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About Kamala

I am an experienced healer and integrative therapist who has worked in private practice with hundreds of clients for over 20 years. Are you in need of spiritual guidance about your love life, personal relationships, prosperity, health or wellbeing? I am here to help you dive deep into your inner truth and discover the answers you need. I am a kind, compassionate and a good listener but also truthful and capable of helping you quickly transform negative programming and old belief systems, then replace them with self-esteem and empowerment. No matter how difficult your situation, I will point you to an uplifting future event.
I was born an intuitive empath and started to study tarot and Eastern religion in my early twenties and went on to become a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor and tantra practitioner.  I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition and earned many certifications in holistic therapies and coaching, however it was through a Kundalini awakening during a 10 day silent Buddhist retreat that my psychic gifts came to the forefront of my life. There is no situation too complex or emotionally wrought that I cannot offer guidance in a caring manner.
For the past 11 years, I have studied with a South American Shaman to learn how to channel energy and step into my power as a light-worker. I have participated in dozens of plant medicine ceremonies in which the veil between worlds has been lifted and a bridge has been built so I may access messages from the higher realms. Spirit works with me in pictures, visions and also telepathy. When life gets complicated, don’t you want to read with a psychic who can make the complicated clear?
While living in Peru in 2015 I had a near death experience that intensified my psychic abilities and helped me not to fear the unseen world. I understood the nature of life and how to help others in a greater capacity. 
I love working with my collection of tarot cards as a starting point and then channelling the Divine energy that comes through me.  I truly believe that YOU have all the answers inside of yourself. It is my job to remove whatever barrier is preventing you from seeing the truth about your situation. Sometimes the truth is difficult to accept and that is why spiritual guidance and support is needed. I empower others to find the answers they seek in love, finance, spirituality, and the future. I know what a well-rounded reader should be. And if I were the one calling for a psychic reading, I would expect my psychic to relate to all kinds of people like I do. Accuracy is paramount, and my accurate readings mean my callers can have faith and confidence in my predictions.
Acceptance, change and surrender are all required to move forward in life.
It is my mission to help you let go of what no longer serves you so you can co-create with the Divine the kind of life you desire. I believe it is my mission to help a client not only understand the situation they're calling about, but also feel good about that understanding.
Namaste…. “My Soul Honours Your Soul and We are ONE”
My Experience
20 years Licensed Integrative Therapist
Certified Health Coach
Shamanic Training
Meditation & Yoga Instructor
Tarot Reader
Angel Cards

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