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Sincere clairvoyant/ reiki master gives honest answers.
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About Feliande

My clairvoyance started when I was a child and it helps me to get into the soul of humans and animals, to see where the blockages are and can help to resolve them with love and with the help from Archangel Raphael.

I make sure that I am able to see every situation very quickly and accurately provided with basic to complicated information. We are all pure energy, every thought, love, hate, sadness, and fears etc., all these feelings are very important to see where we are at the moment and what we have to change. 

Never give up and never is too late to start again. Everybody has a right to be happy! I am very clear and honest with you and I will help you to see the light again behind the tunnel.
I will make you feel at ease and accurately help you out from your simple to complicated concerns. I use my special gypsy cards and my clairvoyance to advise you in a spiritual way. I can help to heal your soul and the child inside of you. I am working on a high energy level and I don’t need my hands to give you positive energy.

All that I need is your trust and I am sure we will find a way that you will have a better life. I assure you that I am thorough, very straightforward and will definitely not waste any of your precious time. 
When I came to the Canary Island 26 years ago, I felt a very deep connection with this Islands and one day when I made a meditation, a good witch came into my dreams and she told me that she will be on my side and help me to go my way to help people and animals. Since that day, I have been honing my talent and made me the Reader that I am today.
Other Languages: German

I am a Reiki Master since 2006 in USUI-Reiki 1-3, since 2007 in Kundalini 1-3 with the Booster 1&2, Goldreiki 1-6, Imara-Reiki, Gendai-Reiki, Angel-Ki and Psychic-Reiki.

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