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Delivers necessary answers to hard questions.
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About David

My name is David and for over 25 years I have been a professional psychic reader. I found out in my early teens that I had inherited the psychic gift from my Mother, grandMother and great grandMother. All were excellent psychic readers. I believe my psychic abilities are genetic coming from my Mother's side. I have travelled the world as a professional and have done over 40,000 readings. I believe you can control what happens to you when you are equipped with the right information and my purpose is too relay that information with authenticity and free of judgment.
Clients like my style of readings because I do not waste time and get right to what’s important. I specialize in relationship problems and money and life lessons. Over the years I have greatly refined my psychic abilities. I communicate sensitive information with a comfortable non-judging approach and can discuss your past, present and future.
I started as a professional psychic reader when I was 20 year old and have not looked back. After thousands upon thousands of readings during the last twenty five years you learn a lot about human behaviour especially when it comes to love and romance. My great knowledge comes from hands on experience. Helping real people get through a difficult time in their lives is what I excel at.
"I give you the truth even if it hurts”. Through the use of my tarot cards and my clairvoyance I can give you the answers and advice you are looking for. I will make sure that my callers can feel that I'm connected with their needs.
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