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About Christine

I am a compassionate reader who inspires my callers so that they make decisions for their highest good and joy. I often use a shamanic deck as it provides wonderful direction & guidance for finding a resolution to life's problems. I can help you develop skills and focus to guide you in life. I also use the 7 directions and crystals for further insight. I have been a professional reader for over so many years now, and for me, no situation is too dark, I can answer your concerns from love and relationship issues, career and life concerns, from simple up to complicated ones.

I want to give you useful information that helps you move forward and encourages you to dive deeper into your spiritual path. I have had an interest in tarot and the occult since a young child. Over the years I've had some amazing experiences, involving self-healing after illness, seeing auras around people and seeing light beings. My mum was able to see people in spirit, so I think my abilities have been passed down through the Irish and Italian sides of my family. I also believe people can develop their skills in this area, even though they may have had no earlier experience of them. I have trained in Reiki with three different masters, and am amazed by people's ability to feel and move energy. I have been a teacher for over 40 years, and love to work with others to develop their skills in a variety of areas. My main focus is to assist others to build their skills so that they can take more control of their lives.

I am also a trained Chakra Dance teacher, using dance focusing on each chakra, as a means to healing. When I use a shamanic deck for reading, I often start by using crystals and the 7 directions. This gives me/them insight into the way to deal with the 'problem', what approach to take and which chakra is predominantly involved. Information is power and can offer a way for people to heal their emotions, and relationships. The shamanic deck then provides further detail to the cause of the problem and how to deal with it. I also love to work with Intention/Sankalpa, which is a powerful tool to use, to recreate your life. I understand the rhythm of hope and the continuity of faith. I guide my clients to focus on the bottom line and never waste their time. I will always give you the real deal.

I have empathy, compassion, and treat all readings as confidential. I am non-judgmental and kind, but honest and open about what comes through. I speak the truth as I see it, which may not always be what people want to hear. I want to help people move from worry and pain to happiness, to empower them, and to find a resolution to the problems they are experiencing. I can support readings through Reiki and Crystal healing if need be. I can also teach meditation and yoga techniques for extra assistance, as I am a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher. I want my callers to learn how to manifest what they want, whether it be romantic relationships, careers or whatever else they desire. I believe that psychic readings provide the guidance that helps people navigate the roadmaps of their lives more smoothly.

I believe that no matter how difficult your situation feels, there is always a solution, a higher perspective or a blessed lesson to be received. My greatest desire always is to be of service in love and compassion. I believe my readings allow people to hear objective truths, disconnect from their fears and open their hearts and minds to the viable options available to them. They should feel balanced and positive.

My Experience:

Reiki Master
Crystal and Reiki Healing
Shamanic Deck and Tarot Card Reading
Qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher

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