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Tunes in to your voice and receives messages. 
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About Bella

I am a compassionate reader and empath and I will make sure your readings are as positive as possible, but also straightforward. I see pictures of your future. No matter your mood when you first connect, I want you to leave your reading in a positive frame of mind.
I am a second generation psychic. I tune in to your voice and I receive messages through angel tarot cards and not only I can do readings with or without tools and I love helping people as much as I can, I'm very honest and not judgemental at all.  When I was very young I knew that I was different because I could see things that other people couldn't and I also could feel other people's emotions and hearing thoughts. My objective is to guide you toward accomplishing change as soon as possible. Often it is merely a shift in consciousness, but sometimes it is nothing less than revamping everything
 At 14, it was a big breakthrough in a very bad way that I knew that my father passed away and I got up from my sleep and told my nana about it and 2 hours later, the hospital called us and told us that he passed away. Since then I have been helping my friends and lots of people through the years with guidance and readings. Being an empath helps me feel more and connect with you because I almost feel your pain and makes me really happy and complete when I help. Every person that I talk to I feel what I need to use to give an accurate reading and give the right answers and guidance.
I choose my reading style after fully assessing which style you would be most receptive to. My goal for your reading is to help you find your truth for a better journey, and to help you with a new direction and a more positive outlook. 4 years ago I went through stage 3 cancer, I am in remission now but since that my gift got stronger. I love using angel tarot cards cause I adore the energy that they have and  I also have done Cartomancy course for specific love readings, soul mate connections and is he /she the one. Lost objects and timings and also yes or no questions.
I am a loving, sweet and honest person that I’m here to help and always give you the truth. I go the extra mile to leave my client in a better state of mind than when we first started talking. I lead my clients to the type of fulfillment they desire.
Call me today for a better tomorrow!
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