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About Argie

I access information relating to all aspects of life to provide insightful, compassionate and accurate readings. A reading with me empowers you to make decisions that bring you joy and fulfillment. I begin my readings with a direct style and adjusts to meet your comfort zone. I’m straightforward, honest and go straight to the point, and most importantly I aim to make the most out of our time.

I come from a long line of readers, on my mother’s side, from the Carpathian Mountains in Europe, where there are deep lines of energy and occult beliefs still lingering from days of old. They live side by side with beliefs in Christian Saints, empowering and protecting us. Open yourself to my senses, let me read your destinies and help you choose the path best suited to you. Let me help you, as I have helped friends and family, sometimes strangers, to avoid life’s pitfalls. Let me help you meander through hard decisions and painful questions. I can pick up on the flow of energy in a person’s life. I specialize in helping with love and relationship concerns as well as life-changing events.  Let me help you get over the hurt and pain that can sometimes be life. Asking the right questions, getting the answers, helps you move on with the future.

Whether it’s a question on relationships, faithfulness, trust in your significant other, we can get there together. What awaits you in your career and should you go forth in a particular direction? Ask me, and we will ask the cosmos and get our answer. Open yourself to the energies of the universe and together we will get answers and guidance. Even if it doesn’t make sense right away, in the short term it will suddenly click into perspective. My objective is to guide you toward accomplishing change as soon as possible. Often it is merely a shift in consciousness, but sometimes it is nothing less than revamping everything. I describe my reading as direct, specific and concrete, with plenty of answers and examples. I believe that every reading can provide a caller with more than one solution to their problems and I want to make sure you leave a reading with some insight, a deeper understanding, and knowing which direction to take to resolve your issue.

It’s not always about the ultimate future, it’s about your next step and the step after that. Feeling your way towards what is right for you. That is where I come in.  It’s like that déjà vu feeling, where you intuitively know to turn left instead of right, to be in the right place at the right time.

My desire is always to help the callers, to show the issues they need to be aware of, and to find a concrete solution to any issues. I am here to shed light on your purpose and path in life and I consider it a privilege to do so.

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