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About Argie

While growing up in  Eastern Europe, and through travelling, I have encountered women and men that were gifted in divining and foretelling, sometimes ones that said that they could influence people's behaviour. They described and taught  me techniques, methods, told me stories of craft and divination potentials and occurrences they’d witnessed. The things they did for me were life-changing. I was able to move on in my life and fulfill my lifelong wish.

So, one can get their wish fulfilled these days, but with age I have learnt caution, about wishing, because sometimes  things DO happen for a reason. People Do come into your life to teach you a lesson, or to guide you through a tough life.  Who Is to say that you were not destined to have a tough life. Yet, people that have a tough life are often the happiest. They are the  ones that appreciate the little things in life. The ones that are the most charitable, understanding, funny even.

In the end we make our own destinies. We are given choices and we make decisions at cross roads, decisions that we then have to live with.   There are good people and there are people that are hurting, so they do hurtful things. Sometimes, we do not trust our own instincts, so we ask for help. We want to see beyond. To help us make a decision so we can smile and be happy in life. 
Fundamentally, one has to be open to receiving.  If you are seeking knowledge of the beyond, receive it, and look within. Be honest with yourself, at what you see. The messages from beyond about your troubles, are not cryptic, they are simple and direct, so that you can understand them. If you reject them and deny them, then, you don’t really want to know. Do you want to know? Just because you are not presented with your answer in the format that is most pleasing to you, does not mean that it is the wrong answer.

I can help you find your answers through tarot and asking of the spirits. Meditation and crystals.    On my mother's side, my grandmother used various means of divination to ask when and if something were to happen. She was never wrong. I have always been fascinated by the things i saw her do. This has prompted me to search out people like her, to show me their ways of getting answers and warnings. To find the path best travelled, to attain the best possible outcome for what I seek. Over the years i have helped myself, friends and family, understand why things are happening and, the direction to take in life, to acquire the desired outcome. Often the readings are not clear on the spot. Later, things make sense, and with hindsight my predictions are proven and clearer.

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