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About Anntionet

I am a natural born gifted psychic. I have been using this power to help people by connecting with their mind and their soul for over 15 years. I believe that the tarots cards and other objects I use are just a reflection of what we already have a feeling of.

Every time a pick up a deck of tarots I get connected with them, and deeply ask them to reveal to me what the querent is going through. I put the energy into the cards and they reveal to me the truth, and whether good or bad, the most important thing is that they always tell me how you can change it. Even more important, they always help you to better know yourself, to make better choices and to understand what you need to change in your life, in your attitude or in your thoughts.

I discovered my gifts a long time ago. I remember I was always listening to people's problems, stories, and experiences. They were always coming to me for advice. I have offered professional tarot reading since I was 20, and I am constantly studying them and trying to improve myself to give you the best advice. I've also studied holistic medicine, which really helped me to think with my soul rather than my brain only. During these past years working in my studio, I've met several people and had different experiences that made me think that I wasn't doing enough. That outside my studio, there were so many people I could listen to, so many people I could help through their bad days. So I decided to start my experience online, because I believe that if you are connected with your deck, it doesn't matter where the consultant is sitting. What does really matter is sharing this gift and helping people.

My experience:

Precognition and Synchronistic Action
Oracle cards
Fire (candle flame) and smoke (incense) scrying

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