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About Angelina

I have been so blessed in my life to have the gifts that I have and I believe those gifts should be shared with others to help them attain true happiness and contentment in their lives. I can do this through my Psychic Abilities. Metaphysics has widened my spiritual knowledge and has given me a deeper understanding of the world we see and the world we dont. It has helped me to unravel lifes mysteries and eliminate the hurdles that are so hard for ordinary people to overcome.  I love to share my gifts and I find such joy in seeing how they can transform other peoples lives. It always excites me to receive feedback from my returning clients about how much their lives have changed in positive ways that they never previously thought possible.  

Once they obtain true knowledge and find their own enlightened pathway, such a spiritual awakening can take place. Their destinies become so clear to them and they feel more confident about taking big, new steps in their lives, often steps they were too scared to take before they spoke to me and realized their full and real potential. A true enlightenment and renewal takes place that leads to countless possibilities. 

That passion and zeal for life can make you look forward to each day with excitement and energy, it will be unlike any feeling you have had before. 

I would love to help you find insight and enlightenment in your life so you can begin to experience a true transformation. 

My experience is:

Extensive study in the Ancient Arts from an early age, under some of the greatest readers and teachers of our time, with formal training in Psychology and Astronomy.
I have a Degree in Business and Psychology and Enhanced Training in Life Coaching.
I have travelled all over the world and studied many cultural backgrounds and traditions in order to gain better enlightenment. 

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