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About Andy

I am a Certified Psychic Medium and I specialize in connecting with the Other Side. My specialties include the Tarot, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and accurate time frames on my Tarot readings. I also provide Past Life and Oracle readings. I inspire and uplift people with strong decisive guidance. My clients have always told me that I'm able to get them to where they want to go quicker.

I answer questions in a loving, constructive, and solution focused way. I connect instantly to bring forward the guidance, awareness, and tools aligned with your highest potential. I want to see you move to your next steps with empowerment. I always was fascinated with the occult and the metaphysical at such a young age. This was in direct contrast to my upbringing. Most of my abilities were blocked at an early age. It wasn't until recently after going through a trauma in my life that my abilities opened up and the Universe was drawing me back into the metaphysical world. My cousin stated to me that at a young age of 3, that I would see ghosts and shadows and talk about them with her. I was told by other family members to not do that. Hence, I blocked my gifts unconsciously.

The past 2 years I have used Tarot cards mainly to read the past, present and future situations. My reading style consists of asking the Other Side for help in connecting with my client and then I set the intention to the Other Side on what I am looking into. I shuffle my cards then use my Mediumship abilities to tune in and read the cards like a story. I like having a dialog with my clients to make sure that I'm on track as well. Often times during a reading, the client's deceased loved ones may or may not pop in and want me to start delivering a message from them. I have been told that my timings on my readings have come to pass, and I have return clients coming back to me. I will always tell the good with the bad, because positivity is empowering. I want the positive energy that surrounds me to radiate through my words. I specialize in love and relationships, destiny and life path, and past lives. I want to be a source of peace, inspiration, and motivation. My goal is to uplift you while offering creative solutions toward realizing your life’s purpose.

Whatever your spiritual needs are, I am always prepared to meet them all with 100% dedication. I am genuine and passionate about delivering honest, compassionate and accurate messages to my clients. I also am learning to grow and develop into becoming the best Medium and Tarot reader possible. I have a passion to help people through tough times. I recently graduated from a 32-week extensive training from the Church of Spiritual Enlightenment. 

My Experience :

Tarot Reader, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience
Affiliate Medium at the National Spiritual Association of Churches. 
Trained at Church of Spiritual Enlightenment
Love & Relationship; Life Coaching; Career & Finance

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