Where do we go from here

Many people often ask me what happens to us after we have left this world . We all have different views and beliefs about life after death and reincarnation. Some people don’t know what to believe others are firm believers in that once we leave this world that is it, the end for us . Some believe that there is life after death but are either too scared to let themselves think about it or they believe that they would be ridiculed for such views.

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Let me tell you what I know through my work as a Medium and Hypnotherapist. When the soul leaves the physical body or when a person dies it spends the first few years after passing looking over what is known as the akashic records . This is the Sanskrit word for “sky” or “space” where every second of are lives are recorded in order . These records are stored in the subconscious mind almost like a library of our lives . The reason the subconscious does this is because the concious mind could not possibly cope with this overload of information.

The reason for the soul or higher self as is know to some , spends time viewing these records is to reflect on his/her life in the physical world. Reflection is very important as this is when we can see the mistakes we have made, and wrongs we need to put right or any karma we need to repay. Only when the soul has done this can it decide where and who with it needs to reincarnate.

The soul reincarnates every 15-25 years, and very often with the same group of people but in a different capacity . People often ask me “will he/she come back to us” , the answer is yes indeed they may well come back but not as you know them . For example it is possible that your Grandfather who passed over 20 years ago may reincarnate again in this lifetime but as another family member possibly a granddaughter or nephew . The reason for this is normally due to karmic issues that need resolving.

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Another thing people often say to me is “ I feel my partner and I were together in a previous lifetime, is that possible ? . Again absolutely yes it is possible and indeed if you feel strongly connected on a spiritual level to that person then the chances are you were together in a previous lifetime . You have come back together in this lifetime to resolve issues left behind from your past.

I believe wholeheartedly that the soul incarnates again and again to continue learning and evolving , the soul is eternal and will progress through each lifetime, taking with it the lessons learnt until it no longer needs to learn or repay karma . Only at this point will the soul be truly free.

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