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By Farrah-H: Over the years, our world has evolved, transformed and adapted to a new way of life, of living the technological way, The way where less intuition is used, and more practical thinking, the way where less conversation takes place and more texting and ‘reading’ what others say. This is a time where humans are at their most distant from who they are, who they once were- who you once were many years ago.

farrah3 Your ancient ancestors knew the secrets to living in a conscious mind, a mind of peace, love, true communication and a time when sickness was not as common as it is today. Many thousands of years ago people lived each day with a way of living that in today’s time is a ‘secret’ and one which many struggle to unlock and understand.

We are spiritual beings in physical bodies on this earth. Think of it this way. It is like we are temporarily staying in a hotel that one day soon we will be checking out of and continuing our journey, in a similar way it is the same with our bodies, the spirit checked in and will one day check out and continue its journey in ‘life’ or spiritual life if you like.

The feelings of hurt, pain, fear, negativity all of these things are created by the human brain- an organ of the body- these negative feelings are not created by who we are because who we are the core of us our soul has no room for such emotions and feelings, it feels love peace, and completeness. It is so important that we start today to reflect back on the way our great ancestors lived many moons ago. To reflect in a way that will bring great peace and love to life, to reflect and start to use some of the things our ancestors once did, and there is one thing I want to really point out and focus on here- that is Human consciousness.

I believe human consciousness is the most valuable thing we have. The ability to be aware and conscious of our surroundings, of who we are and why we are here on this earth, what our purpose is and being aware of the energy that flows through us, being conscious that we are part of a universe of a greater power, being conscious that we are a spirit and not a body, that we must take care of our bodies but not in a way that puts such physical ‘fake’ living before spiritual depth. Because it is in spiritual depth and true human consciousness that we begin to feel nothing but positivity and at one with ourselves, all others and the universe, no negative events, will truly affect a person who is completely living in a human conscious way as this kind of person understands that life continues on always.

If you want to live a more conscious life of depth, then look up at the stars at night, don’t over think, just look at their breathtaking beauty, admire their history, their glimmer, how still they all are, then in the light of the day smell a rose, admire its sent, be aware of the color, the dew drops on it, the little insect crawling off it, take in that moment complete awareness and peace of what is before you without a second of thought to the past or future, now my friends these are the first steps to true human consciousness- being mindful and living in the moment.

Once you start growing your consciousness, being more aware you do become highly intuitive as well, you become more aware of things around you and that lovely sixth sense we all have, you will start to use it like you use your eyes, your nose, your touch, this can all come from something as simple as altering your life to a slightly different way of thinking of feeling, to a consciously aware way of living, the people who live such ways are the happiest you will ever see and meet in life. How about make yourself one of those happiest people of peace and love and strength and wisdom, it’s not impossible the ingredients of such change is right here before you, right here in this article today. How lucky are you. 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions at all I am here so email or contact me on Life Reader chat and I will go above and beyond to help you always.

Love and light,

Farrah X

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