The Truth behind The Third Eye

The Third Eye. We have all heard these words before, and for most of us have the knowledge that this third eye is another word for spiritual insight, or knowing of the unknown. This is
some what correct but of course there is so much more to it than meets the ‘eye’.

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Now the Third eye ( not to be confused with mind’s eye) also known as the inner eye throughout society is something which deeply intrigues many people throughout this world. Now the idea of the third eye is that it is a mystical belief that we humans have an invisible eye within our head which provides us with the ability to see beyond the ordinary sight. Now is the Third Eye real? as many speak of this as a mystical belief. Yes the third eye like the other two eyes gifted to us at birth is very real. A way to help you understand in a simple
manner is this.. Just like animals have an instinct to detect and know when something is going to happen, like birds with a storm, or dogs when something bad has taken place, we through our third eye have this same ‘animal instinct’ ability to see into the unknown. This would be
my perfect explanation for the third eye.

The Third eye is refers to the gate which leads to inner realms of and spaces of higher consciousness. The Third eye is often related to religious,clairvoyance, the ability to view chakras and auras, precognition (psychic ability) and out of body experiences. in Hinduism, the third eye refers to the chakra, ajna or brow and it is located in the middle of the four head. The Third eye plays a part in almost every religion in the world, whether it has a different name, twist to the meaning, the third eye is very widespread throughout human civilization for many many centuries, in fact from the beginning of recorded time.

In Theosophy the third eye is related to the pineal gland. According to this theory in ancient times humans once had an actual third eye at the back of their head with both a physical and spiritual function, over time as humans evolved the eye eventually sunk into what today is known as the pineal gland. A very interesting Theory indeed.

For me personally with my work as a psychic The third eye I believe plays a huge part in the work I do. I believe the third eye for me is what enables me to have the gift that I do have and share in order to help hundreds around the world in their day to day lives. Now Am I special because of this? NO I believe not at all. We are all human, we all have the third eye and
ability to see into the unknown. Its Just some of us choose to use this gift, and some of us do not­ very simply. As they say if you do not use it you lose it. Now we as Human beings are so very blessed and lucky, we are so gifted yet, so many are unable to understand or really see how truly gifted we are. We are blessed with the ability to see past what our eyes visually see and see into the unknown, this is not a mystical belief it is very real. It is the Third eye within the core of us, within our mind.

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Have you ever been sitting there in front of your television and you are thinking about a particular thing, word or name then suddenly it pops up on the Tv in front of you? have you ever been thinking about a person then suddenly they text or call you? Now let me tell you, these occurrences are NOT random, they are the perfect example of your third eye working

away without you evening realizing it, you are seeing beyond what is physically possible before it happens. How magical is that? How beautiful is that? I think it is very much magical and beautiful­ how are lucky are we as humans to be so gifted in so many ways.

Now I have always been fascinated with the idea of the third eye, of spirituality It is a beautiful Idea, to know that in the tough times in life we do have the ability to see the right choice, to be lead to the right thing to do, all through simply listening and following what you hear and feel within, that my lovely Life Reader clients is a gift, and I and all of the other readers here on life reader and elsewhere in the world are not the only ones blessed with this gift, we all are, it is part of the human ability, of spirituality body it is part of who we are. What a beautiful thought that is isn’t it not?

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