The Essential Element To A Healthy Relationship

By Isabella: So many of you are seeking love and a lasting relationship and call asking, “When?” 

“When will I meet the love of my life?” “When will I be married?”  “When is he going to leave his wife?”

*()^&%%$!@#$^%%()*!!! That was the sound of “an INCREDULOUS GASP!”

Now I don’t mean any judgement, what you do is up to you, but please know it always returns to you as well. Whatever you are feeding, whether it is fear, doubt, ego, insecurity or deception, the same energy will return to you in one way or another. 


To enter a relationship with someone who is ALREADY in a relationship speaks volumes both about you and them and casts a greater reflection on you; First, it denotes a past life connection too strong to dismiss but that does not imply that you should jump into bed with that person. 

It also denotes drama and assures you of such, there will be drama. There will be lies, and you too will be lied to. Remember, the quote that says, “If he or she cheats with you, they will cheat on you.”

It says many things like, “I have my own commitment issues,” or “I have no problem whatsoever with the person I’m in love with lying to his wife/husband/partner.

It also indicates that you are either willing to settle,  have no self-discipline, have no scruples, are not an honest person, are emotionally dysfunctional, are into self-harm or abuse or you are completely bat shit crazy. I’d like to candy coat it with some fluffy spiritual lingo, but only a crazy person would believe that a lying, cheating partner is going to make a wonderful husband or wife.  

Entering into a relationship with a married person is the kiss of death because statistics have shown that only 3% of all men/women who cheat will actually marry the person they are cheating with and the rate is about the same in same-sex marriages. Think about that. That means that 97% will remain married and you are going to wind up with the short end of the stick. Why delude yourself unless you enjoy that sort of thing?

The essential ingredient to a healthy relationship is integrity, walking the walk and talking the talk. But isn’t that the case in life in general? Honesty and forthrightness are foundational for building a healthy bond and when that bond is broken, rarely make things work out. Communication and trust are so elemental and helps procure a deeper bond while building a lasting connection. 

When you understand the laws of karma you soon recognize that the minute you truly fall in love with your ideal mate, is the minute the karma clock begins to strike midnight. In other words, the boomerang effect will visit your relationship and seek to destroy any hint of happiness.

The universe will never send you someone else’s husband or wife or life partner that is absurd. I would rather be alone than with a liar or an adulterer. There is a lid for every pot and if you are patient and diligent yours will come. 

If you want to know when, get in touch with me here on Lifereader, I’d love to give you some insight into your future. 

 A toast to HONEST, loving relationships.


Love, light and laughter,


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