The Divine Signs Of A Twin Flame Connection

By Edwina: Twin Flame Concept-We have all had our fair share of romantic movies and popcorn, to have at least some idea of what a soul mate is. Like droplets falling from a rain cloud, we are connected to the fabric of another’s soul, which fell from the very same ‘cloud’. In this sense, it is easy to understand how we are all connected to more than one soul and have more than one potential mate. A twin flame on the other hand, is something altogether different. Just as twins at birth are less likely, so is true of a twin flame connection!

Are you single and feel the connection with past lovers never truly felt sacred? Are you in a relationship and suspect you and your partner’s connection is deeper than other couples? Perhaps you are a twin flame waiting to be reunited, or your twin flame connection has been dormant.

Looking for Divine Signs may answer your questions…


1) Love at first sight
The quintessential notion of falling in love with someone on the first encounter is probable not only with twin flames but also soulmates. Regardless though, it is a key in ingredient. It is also worth recognizing; we are not always aware in the present moment and sometimes it can be years later, into a relationship, we realise what has happened. Just like the energy of twin flame can lay dormant, only to be awoken at any given moment.

2) A touch of fate
To understand the nature of twin flame energy, is to understand magnetic pull between two forces. Sometimes in life things happen which put us on a totally different path from where we wanted to be. We may fight change of circumstance but ultimately the winds of destiny push us where we need to be. It is only with hindsight we learn to value change, which in the case of twin flames, puts them on the path of, otherwise impossible, encounter.

3) Scent of a woman/man
Like the smells which stir a sense of nostalgia to a place or environment, so is true of twin flame response. The bond and connection is present on all levels, including not just the physical but also the non-physical. Be aware of things which trigger a response inside you of familiarity and comfort. For instance smelling roast chestnuts will always stir an emotional response of memories at Christmas. Perhaps twin flames cannot put their finger on why they’re made to feel at ease, but regardless the sensation is there.

4) Same taste
There is not a single word I am aware of to describe two people having the same tastes. It can only be described with what is know as ‘word twinning’. This on its own, basically refers to identical thoughts or behavior. When we say or think the same thing as another, we are “twinning”. This notion can also be apply to soulmates but is more frequent and acute in twin flame relationships. If you and your partner are being described by onlookers as ‘on the same wavelength’, ‘like peas in a pod’ or anything resembling these two statements, then perhaps you are showing signs of being twin flames.

5) Hearing voices
Unless you have fallen for a singer, or referring to a mothers lullaby, hearing is perhaps overlooked when it comes to love. When in actual fact it is very important, so listen up! When sound passes through our ears, it is converted into signals, which in turn travels to the brain. One area of the brain which interprets these signals is called the hypothalamus. Its job is to distinguish between good and bad sounds. A bad sound could be signs of danger and commonly triggered by a baby crying. Good sound is attributed to a potential mate. Therefore love is not only blind and if you and your partner both find one another’s voice very soothing and calming; this also another tell tale sign of a twin flame connection.

6) Knowingness
Incase you have not already realized, the five divine signs (above) are based on the five senses of the human body. If we only recognize some of them in our lives it does not matter, but number six is key to our awareness of being a twin flame. The sixth sense transcends all other perceptions and draws on the creative energy of existence itself. Unlocking this awareness fully can take a lifetime for some yet sometimes an inkling is enough to validate what we suspect.

Do you feel you are a twin flame? Or have you found your twin flame? Regardless, true love is not only defined by twin flames but it does exist for some and perhaps even you!

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Blessings, Love and Light,


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