The Crown We Might Be Missing In The Corona Virus

By Annelize: According to, a corona is a glowing circle of light around an object. The word corona refers in a general sense to a circle or ring of light. In the 17th century, corona referred to a circular crown, from the Latin word for “crown or garland.”

We could only look at it as the physical description of the coronavirus as crown-like spikes, and the fear it is creating as well as the destruction in life as we know it. It affects our physical bodies, our mental, with fear, change our social lives as we try to avoid public places, change of travel, schools closing, businesses and even governments shutting down. 


What if this is the chance we have to change life and society, that it would benefit more people worldwide, what of this can bring around the change in governments, the way we live as humans, bringing in a new way of trading instead with just using money, reforming schools and universities, ways of living, getting back to nature and living simplistically. Addressing and curing Mother Nature, loving others as we love ourselves. What if this is the first step into a collective freedom where all humans can take a step closer to freedom for all. Freedom in all things, mindset, beliefs, lifestyle and care. 

We have come to a tipping point and we can either use this as positive and change, adapt and become one with another, or allow this to spread fear and bring more bondage to what we already have. I choose the first option of change. We must get ready to not just change our beliefs, but our mindsets, our way of living, our way of how the system works, our way of schooling and education, our way of living healthy, and spiritually. This year the challenge will be to change. The old era and way of life will end, whether we want it to or not, so we can either adapt and be part of the solution and be positive, or we can fall into the trap of fear, panic and mass hysteria.

The reality is sure, the coronavirus is real, and people are dying, we cannot get past that sad fact, and we send our love and healing to everyone all over the planet that has been touched or affected. During times like these we are supposed to get nearer to our human family, support, help and care for each other. Most news spreading is to isolate, be alone and do not mix with others. I do understand that it is needed, especially where there are sick people with the virus, but how can we that are not sick, help and assist others. We cannot have the mindset of every person for himself, it will create more sadness, isolation and fear. We need to step out and care more, even if its online support or love. Thinking out of the box is needed. 

I pray that we are open towards change, that we see this challenging time as an opportunity to grow, to learn from past mistakes, to forgive, and to really treasure life itself. We all only have the now moment, the present, the “that which is”. So, we need to focus on being in the now, to live to the fullest now. To accept it, but use it as positive. For everyone all over the world, we are united, we are one again, against one enemy, may we stand together as a human race once again for life, for love and for new infinite possibilities.

I close with a short mantra, prayer or verse to bring us calm, peace and love:

“Mother Earth we thank you again for showing us how quickly you can heal, with open eyes we see our past, please forgive us! Spirit, with open hearts we feel the infinite possibilities, and we are thankful to be united again as one human family. May your love, peace and life fill our whole universe!”


Love and Light,


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