Stinking Thinking

By Counselor Karen: Have you ever asked yourself why you are in the rut you are in? Is it possible that you could be holding yourself back from the blessings in this life? I have some great ideas to help you to start fresh in the way you are thinking and turn your life around.

A client the other day said a phrase that just stood out to me. “You are what you think” That can be so true! For many of us, we just are not happy. If you are telling yourself everyday that you are insecure, broke, or have no purpose in life than you are setting yourself up for a life full of disappointments and failure. I call this STINKING THINKING. It can affect every aspect of your life if you continue to dwell on the negative things in your life rather than the positive.


There was a long period in my own life where I was so miserable because I was telling myself that I will always be stuck in the same place and will never be happy. At that point in my life I was living in a place I did not want to be in and I wanted move to another state. It was not until 17 years later of being miserable that I realized I needed to manifest the desires of my heart and so I prayed on it and I asked God to first off, let me find contentment where I was because if I did not nothing would change no matter where I went. The problems and attitude would end up going along with me. Second, I remembered that this life has so much to offer and if I believed in wanting to move so much it would happen in time. You know what happened after not even two months of this new attitude? I got to move exactly where I wanted and it was not even my idea, but my husbands. You see through prayer and meditation on the things I wanted, God allowed my dreams and desires to come true.

If I would have continued in my stinking thinking, I probably would have still been in a negative place blaming others that I was so miserable. The same is true with anything in your life whether it comes to losing weight, finding love, a new job, or just finding purpose in your life. Life is a precious gift and wasting it on not believing in yourself or not having any goals to hold onto only make you pass the time instead of embracing it. We just need to remember that every single person in this life has a purpose. Finding it may not always be easy, but you have to consider it an adventure that you were waking up each morning with something great to share with the world.

It is not always easy getting out of the funks we get ourselves into, but with small goals set one day at a time it can be achieved. Our minds are powerful. We can limit ourselves in fear, or we can embrace going outside of our comfort zone and allowing good things to happen. Having faith in bigger things brings about change. It is about getting out of your own way sometimes and just going for it! So get rid of that stinking thinking and allow yourself a life of blissful blessings!


Counselor Karen

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