Springtime Celebrations

By Anntionet: It may surprise many to learn that the Christian holiday of Easter, which is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus on April 17th this year is named and modeled after the pagan fertility Goddess Eostre/Ishtar/Astarte; Queen of Heaven, Goddess of the Dawn and Birth/Re-Birth. This is an annual festival referred to by many other titles throughout the world and is one of many that were incorporated into the religious and spiritual transition process during the Christianization of England and other countries to encourage conversion.

It may also come as a surprise to learn that many holidays from numerous cultures around the world are reflected in each other and rooted in the predictability of the turn of the seasons; also known as the Wheel of the Year.

Depending on your point of view, the Spring Equinox is on March 20th or March 21st of each year, marking the celebration of birth through the equality of day and night, also described as birth through the joining of equal feminine and masculine energies. Eggs and hatchlings are in abundance during this time of year, restoring the balance of loss which generally occurs during the darker waning months of September through December. There are those who celebrate the Spring Equinox and/or Ostara around this time as the birthing of spring and of new beginnings. There are others who celebrate Easter or Passover instead, holidays which are approximately one full moon after the Vernal Equinox.


No matter what spiritual or religious path you choose to follow, here are some ways that you may choose to celebrate the energy of renewal and growth coming in over the next few months.

Groundwork: Choose to be outside and spend time with nature. Connect with the sounds and smells bringing in abundant entertainment and aromatherapy. Swim in bodies of water to cleanse the stagnant energies of the past and revitalize yourself. Prepare your plant beds and landscaping for new life; then plant your seed and seedlings. Research and outline a new project or idea, then prepare to launch it.

Show Appreciation: Visit local botanic gardens and monuments to become inspired by the awe of capability. Indulge in the abundance of Spring by hosting a celebratory meal with friends and family. Do some deep cleanings to donate unused items to your local shelters and charities.

Get Crafty: Go on a picnic or hike to collect materials for personal arts and crafts. Sprout that new project you have been thinking about. Spruce up your home and workspaces with seasonal decorations. Decorate eggs, weave baskets and make head wreaths. Visualize your intention of wanting to craft while doing your workings, as this will help manifest your intention into reality.

Self-Reflect: Start a journal of self-reflection from the past few months. What did you enjoy most? What would you change and why? What were your favorite moments and how may you multiply them? Look at your physical reflection and project feelings of love into yourself, no matter what you see. Spend time with your physical appearance, no matter how you feel about it. Prioritize skincare by exfoliating, then massaging lotions and oils into your skin. Give yourself a foot rub or a scalp rub or pamper yourself with a day at the spa. Invest a little bit into yourself every day.

Visit Boundaries: The concept of union and birth is universal, yet also intentionally divided. Boundaries exist in life for good cause and self-control. Do you know where your boundaries lay? Where do you draw the line on external integration into your life? Are you enforcing them and are you practicing the enforcement consistently? Is there a little leeway in one area when in another area you are stringent? Why? How is this affecting you? How can you practice more balance in where and how you draw your lines? Where does your world end and another’s world begins? Sometimes these boundaries can become quite blurry, so now is a time to take a visit to those lines and contemplate if they are placed in the location where you want them to be. Think about why you want them there; what are you gaining? What are you losing? Is the loss really a loss? Then, do not be afraid to move them and create desired change.

Contact me to gain more insight. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Love and Light,


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