Spiritual Growth Is A Process

By Anntionet: The Information Age has done well with ushering in the ability for people to have access to just about any type of information they want access to, whenever they want to access it. The downside to this may be that sometimes the “inner” information about an individual’s spiritual growth, which is arguably the most valuable information to have access to, may be overshadowed by the abundance of data that is thrown at us every day.

Many times, it is difficult enough to get through our day-to-day lives and by the end of the day, wanting to spend more energy on what may be considered unnecessary is understandably avoidable. But even if it is avoided, sometimes growth happens whether we want it to and whether we are ready for it, or not.


Spiritual growth is usually a process that does not occur overnight. This process generally takes quite a lot of our own patience and understanding to be re-directed towards ourselves. Re-directing this energy towards ourselves can be hard when we use so much of that patience and understanding toward other people in our everyday interactions, and sometimes there is not much of it left for us.

An effective way to give a little spark to this process is by simply defining the direction which you want your spiritual growth to go toward and making the choice to go towards it. It may also be helpful when this spiritual direction is defined by the person seeking it. Sometimes when a momentum of spiritual growth is built in a specific direction, growth in that area of life can also lead to growth in a whole different area of life, which can tend to take things a little off-track. This is sort of like the universe testing us to make sure that we actually want to go that way.

Keep in mind that positive energy spreads and keeping a positive outlook towards personal spiritual growth can help to maintain momentum, even if its direction changes. Also, sometimes unintended sidetracking happens and that is okay. When the opposite of spiritual growth occurs, we might be hard on ourselves and our growth may begin to feel like it shrinks even past where it started from. An instance of this can occur when we learn something new about ourselves, but we might stay closed to the possibility that what we previously knew about ourselves was incorrect or might be superseded. Finding and implementing change within ourselves can be challenging, and the universe sometimes enjoys adding to that challenge. The good thing is that the challenge can show us more about our own learning processes.

Through personal growth and achievement also comes the challenge of remaining open-minded through considering alternate possibilities. This can be the hardest part. Spiritual growth is fluid and flowing, which can be a difficult concept to grasp onto. Many of us spend our days dreaming about or chasing after goals and mile markers, while referring to those feelings of accomplishment that we gain when we get there as personal growth. But, if we do not take pauses to appreciate accomplishments, is that definable as sustaining personal growth?

When is satisfaction with oneself obtained? These are not easy questions to think about or answer, but those answers are within you, just waiting for you to decide upon them. And like so many others, you just may not have your definition of personal spiritual growth yet, and that is perfectly okay as well! Have patience with yourself and connect with me soon for more insight into your personalized spiritual success.


Love and Light,


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