Portal Days

By Ernst: What exactly are portal days and how can this affect your body? Or what positive things are associated with this? You hear it all the time, today is a portal day! In a single year, even in one single month, there are several portal days.

Portal days are days when the veil between the cosmos and earth is thinner, the energetic separation between our world and the rest of the universe. The energy is therefore extremely palpable. They are intersections of time waves that make receiving the cosmic knowledge easier, if you are open to it.


When you open yourself to these days, you open yourself to the cosmic teaching or cosmic knowledge. The purpose of this is to raise your consciousness and speed up your transformation process. Thus developing your inner growth.

When you increase your vibrational frequency you are more in alignment with your soul’s purpose. People who are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or claircognizant, can notice that during these days, they receive information more easily and can develop these gifts even more strongly. Our spirit guides and deceased loved ones can reach us a little more easily than on an ordinary day as well. The purpose of a portal day is to increase the spiritual awareness and inner growth of people who reside on earth.

During a portal day, the cosmic energy on earth can be tangible and because the veil between us and the cosmos is thin, you can sense this and pick this up. It strengthens your intuition, allows you to receive visions and have clear, vivid dreams (which you can also remember better). You can receive more signs from the universe (pay attention!) and – if you are sensitive – be in better contact with your angels. Are you in a twin flame process? You can receive messages about your process around portal days. There can be energetic attunement between you and your twin soul and the attraction is all the greater on these kinds of days.

That being said, you can also suffer a lot from this energy. This is because your body is at a lower energetic frequency than your soul. People who are sensitive to this feel everything much more strongly and intensively. They can get into a fight about everything and are easily hurt. They can also experience sleepless nights the day before the portal day, the day itself and the day after. Headaches are also common as well as experiencing a huge mountain of energy or having no energy at all. Experiencing flu-like symptoms, feeling hot or cold, feeling restless, dizzy, nauseous, experiencing pain or tingling in certain places throughout your body, are all associated with portal days. You may also feel intensely happy, enjoy the smallest of things or suddenly an enormous inspiration accompanied with many insights. 

The places in your body that require extra attention are especially the area where the kidneys are located and the neck and shoulders. Due to the higher energetic frequencies, the body has to adapt and many waste products are released. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated.

Try to see the portal days as something positive and especially be kind to yourself on these days and embrace what you feel, don’t resist. If these portal days don’t feel so pleasant, take it easy.

Just a point of attention! If your physical complaints persist, it is advisable to visit your physician.


Love and Light,



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