On Intention & Manifesting – Wheel Of Fortune

By Pascale: The Wheel of Fortune from the Rider Waite deck has been selected to help you on your path to manifesting using the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire & Air.

The conveying of your intention and putting it down on paper clearly is essential. Write it once, twice, three times, and/or paint it, decorate it or barely scribble it. The idea is to have it on paper any way you like and which makes you feel good. Wait a minute… How could writing an intention on paper make you feel good? Well, it’s the beginning of a process that will help shift your energy towards your goal, regardless of its size or purpose. Your intention is no longer a mere neuron in your brain, but it is now written by you, using a pen and paper, and it sets you on a course that could be pleasing and rewarding so the energy within is already one that brings a fuzzy, warm and expectant feeling.  It is a small effort to pay on the path to realizing an intention, your intention.


There is a small, tiny difference between a wish and an intention: the wish has a more magical and dream-like quality.  A wish feels like a miracle being granted to you by some genie in a lamp or a fairy Godmother: it looks wonderful and totally out of this world but when you wake up, reality sets in and your dream evaporates.  There is nothing wrong in hoping for a miracle, and true, sometimes the miracle comes true, but sadly, this is very rare. However, your wish can be morphed into something more grounded, and if you think about it, you are able to negotiate this wish within yourself and morph it into a realistic intention. With the intention, you create an energetic pathway and pattern that lets the universe know that you are setting on a course to act on your intention and make it not only credible, but possible too.

Recommended and worth remembering, if not essential, is the power of meditation as a tool to help you set your intention and bring it into your world, your reality. A five minute meditation of any form, (some of you may prefer an energetic walk, a swim, listening to music, etc. and this is perfectly fine), before setting to work on your intention can prove invaluable.

It is also worth remembering to try and remain detached emotionally from your intention, as tempting as this can be. For example, there are times I can’t manage my own emotional turmoil when I wish for something to change and nothing happens no matter how hard I try.  And so, I write down that intention, put it in a freezer bag and literally put it in the freezer to let the energy of that intention cool and calm down and not let my feelings disrupt the energy of that intention (for me, this works well with lost objects – you know… where did I leave my silent mobile phone?;), or when I can’t find a solution to a problem and need an alternative resolution). As strange or as silly as it looks, it helps. This is to say that there are as many ways to help yourself on your path to manifesting as you can imagine, so long as it is harmless.

Here are four ways to create an intention using the Wheel of Fortune card’s energy:

Now, each time, you will first write down your intention on a piece of paper, as described earlier. Note that there is nothing stopping you from carving your intention in on a small piece of wood or on a small piece of pottery, so long as you can use that small piece of whatever with the following manifesting tools: 

Earth, Water, Fire & Air Manifesting tools:


  1. Use either a small area of your garden, of a forest, a field you have easy access to or simply a pot plant. Choose an easily grown seed (or be creative if you can/want to) and plant it, then fold your paper with your intention and plant it a few centimeters away from the seed. As you do so, express your intention aloud. As you water it regularly, bring to mind your intention and say it out loud.
  2. Select the root of a preferred tree and bury your intention there. Go there regularly, for example once a day for a week and talk to the tree, talk about your intention and/or say it out loud several times.
  3. A very easy tool is that of a small rock, place your intention firmly under a rock on the ground and say it out loud. Repeat as often as you wish for a week or a month.


  1. Find a tree leaf, a flower, a piece of wood, lay your paper on it and see it carried away on a calm body of water.  Repeat every day for a week/once a week for a month.
  2. If you live close to the sea, find an empty shell where your piece of paper will fit and be contained and immerse the shell with your intention and let it sink.
  3. Finally, and classically, find an empty glass bottle, lay your intention in it, close the bottle and let it go on the sea, the lake or the river.


  1. Lay your intention under a candle, light the candle and let the wax melt to attach the intention to the candle (be present during the process and be safe), then blow the candle.
  2. Light a nice, white or yellow candle, or a light coloured one that matches the energy of your intention (pink for romance, yellow/gold for finance, blue for the intellect, etc.), lay the paper in front of the candle, read it out loud and blow the candle. It can feel like a prayer, yet it is practical. Morning and nights are preferred times to attend to this form of manifesting though if impractical for you, it doesn’t exclude any other time that would work best.
  3. Light a number of candles laid out in a circle, lay your intention in the middle of that circle, walk around on the outside of that circle three times saying your intention out loud, then walk into the circle, sit with your intention, hold it if you like and each time you blow a candle, say your intention out loud.


  1. Attach your intention to a scarf, a ribbon or a kite and on a windy day, see it float in the air, say it out loud.  
  2. Make your own flag, big or small, write your intention on it and put it on your balcony, your window or in your garden.
  3. Attach your intention to a branch (you may use a ribbon), say it out loud and either visit it every day for a week or repeat the process with another branch, at another location.

Each time, with each of the tools described earlier, repeating the process over a few days, weeks or months if you are so inclined as well as saying your intention out loud several times.

So… will your intention realize? You see, in finding a way through dedicating yourself to using a tool to help manifest your intention, you will also spend some time aside thinking about your intention to have a clear or clearer vision of the step you will need to take to bring your intention into your world tomorrow, next week or in a year’s time. Then you will take one step, one step only – and frankly, who tries to climb a whole staircase in one step? – towards your intention and almost immediately the universe will let you know what comes next by reflecting the consequences of that step to you, even if it implies a challenge, because that is what is implied when we take a step forward, just like a baby learns to walk, it might stumble but will pick itself up or will be helped to then take that next step sooner or later.  Should you stop after a stumble? Because life is like that, it throws good fortune at you as much as it does ill fortune, indiscriminately, so harness that energy and go around the obstacles.

Remember, “It is better to live your dream than dream your life”. What have you got to lose?  


Blessings, Love and Light,


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