Love At First Sight

By Farrah-H: Is there really such a thing? I mean, we hear of love at first sight in movies, we hear of it often, some wait for it their whole lives, and it never comes. But is this a fairy tale or is love at first site a very real human experience that happens… Let’s take a look!

farrah3 Life isn’t like the movies, let’s start with that, there are often not always happy endings, happy fairy tales, and love at first sight in real life, life is full of bumps, and ups and downs, blocks, raging oceans and calm seas. We will always be tested by the universe with the greater power out there, tested time and time again, these tests we get in life push us to discover our own human potential to discover who we are, and for some to find true love.

Now, there is no perfect relationship, we all have our ups and downs, and with true love, comes at times true hurt its part of the experience of being in love, having disagreements and those down days- just as you have those amazing days. Now how many of you met a man, who you knew and felt so much deep connection and love for from the moment of being in each other’s presence?

I can speak for myself that I am a lucky one as I had that. I do know many friends have had this experience too, as have had many clients. I have seen clients who have felt instant love and connection with a person grow with them and eventually get married living long happy marriages. Then I have also seen people who have felt instant love and connection, but have not gone in to have relationships or at least life long ones because there is one factor in play here one thing that either makes or breaks a romantic relationship that people never take into account the importance of and that is TIMING. If timing is not right things simply will not happen, at least not with that perhaps, but perhaps with someone else at a better time in life for you.

Just because you had love at first sight, don’t think things will always be easy, they won’t. Relationships, marriage, love its hard work day in and day out, it has its good days and bad, but those who make successful relationships are ones who stick to it, never giving up and rather than focusing on all these bad qualities of their partner (and yes it’s easy to do at times) they instead focus on all the reasons why they love their partner. I do believe this is the magic to keeping relationships long, happy and healthy.

So, is love at first sight real? You bet it is! And if you have not found it already, mark my words you will one day when the timing is right for you, but you must not stress over it, it will come, be positive, and live your life with nothing but joy today. Is there such thing as a perfect relationship? No, of course not, but what would life be if it was perfect, we simply wouldn’t appreciate those good moments while they are before us.

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t get a kiss or a Rose I will be sending one just for you!! 🙂

Thanks for reading my article today, if you have any questions about love I am more than happy to talk with you and answer anything for you!


Love and light,

Farrah X

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