How Your Emotions Affect Your Psychic Reading

Professional intuitivism also known as a “psychic” is a spiritual science and like all sciences there are patterns and formulas which exact an outcome.

The majority of professional psychics are reading what is the highest will for your life depending on who or what they personally subscribe to such as, Christianity, Buddhism or other belief systems. In other words, a reader typically views your Akashic records, also known as the Lambs Book of Life, which are the records of the soul in its entirety. What those records contain is everything you have ever thought or done and everything which is yet to come. However, there are parallel universes with many varying outcomes for any given circumstance. You determine which path you are on and you can fluctuate from one to another at any given time. Some actually operate between several realities of relativity at a time to gain the most from the experience on earth.

Most don’t realize that the outcome is up to you as a co-creator of your own reality and what you came to either experience, repay in karmic debt or what you are here to learn.

There is no right or wrong path because there are benefits and blessings as well as disadvantages and detriments along every road. The path you either intentionally step into or unintentionally fall into is dependent on your own life variables. If you have issues with abandonment, you will most likely attract someone who will do just that, leave you. If you have issues with abuse or addiction, you will probably attract that. Conversely, if you love yourself and you are good and fair to yourself in all situations, you will attract a mirrored image of that. The cosmic mirror is just that, a reflection of you.

Your emotions and mood at the time of your reading also influence the information. If you are set on a particular outcome, what do you think an empath/psychic is going to pick up first? If you are feeling lost or forlorn, again, what do you think the reader will pick up on? If you are fixed on one ending or scenario, there is a 75% chance that is what the reader will pick up on.

All psychics differ in how they get their information and what comes through at the time of your reading. The majority are as accurate as you allow them to be. If a reader starts to tell you something you don’t want to hear and you have a negative reaction to it, you have just sealed your reading. If you are willing to expand your consciousness, get out of the victim mentality and embrace that there is ALWAYS a bigger picture for every single thing that occurs in your life. You may not see it now but eventually you will understand the reasons for any heartache or emotional trial.

Stay open to receiving what your reader is telling you even if you don’t like the outcome. I have had more people rejoice 6 months after hearing something they did not want to hear because something better happened afterward.

Before you pick up the phone to call, take some personal responsibility by getting calm and clear and taking it seriously. Write your questions out, it saves time and be willing to share how you are feeling so the reader can go beyond that and access the information without the cloud of emoting darkening the light. Stay open to what you are about to hear; don’t block the reader with your fears or cynicism. And if you can’t afford to call, wait until you can. Rushing a reader is one of the worst things you can do. Readers are human too and cutting a reader off, interrupting or telling a reader to hurry is one way to ensure a cloudy reading. Most readers have integrity and would not take advantage of the caller so have a little patience and use your manners. If you would not want it done to you, then don’t do it to the person you have phoned to help you.

Your willingness, your receptivity, your calm demeanor and your candor all influence your reading.

Most readers genuinely want to help you but you have to want to help you too, it all begins with you.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you access the highest answers for the outcome with the greatest flow.

Blessings and beams,


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