How To Tell If Your Psychic Is The Real Deal

By Isabella: In the world of mysticism and spirituality there are barometers for measuring the authenticity of a reader, coach or spiritual teacher. While there are thousands of fakes out there, like anything, it is left up to the consumer to investigate and locate the person they resonate with who is authentic. Not every psychic is out to get your money, in fact many of us are called to use our gifts for the good of all and money is typically not a contributing factor to serving others. You are not paying for spiritual or psychic gifts, you are paying for our time. Most of you also are unaware of the fact that we make 40% from every call, not 100% so imagine what that looks like in a “first 10 minutes free” call. In other words, most of us do a lot of free readings. So many of  you think we do this for money but the authentic psychics I know  live modestly and on a budget just like most of you. Of course there are exceptions such as those psychics who have their own TV shows and those who cater to a wealthy clientele but the majority of us do not.

isabella2 A professional intuitive knows the laws of karma and that what goes out comes back and would never cross the line by deliberately trying to mislead or deceive you. In my case, the moment the phone rings my mind becomes a machine and while waiting for you, the caller, to come on the line, I begin chanting, “Angels help me help them accurately, give me the answers they seek now.” Setting up a successful transmission by pure intention is the way of many of us who value our gifts and our connection to the Divine.

However, “The gift is only as good as the receiver,” so when you play games or waste a psychic’s time by being evasive, you are only damaging your own reading. “Angels won’t answer a closed mind.” If you are going to call a psychic then open your heart to hear.

There are a few ways you can ensure you are speaking with someone who is authentic:

  1. Are they direct or do they drag out an answer? Elaborating on a subject is different than repeating over and over again the same content in a different way.
  2. Is your reader proficient and respectful of YOUR time? Or do they answer slowly seeming to delay a reply to extend the length of the reading?
  3. Is your reader compassionate when you divulge heartache or pain you may be going through? A reader who shows no compassion or concern is probably not that into you.
  4. Does the reader truly listen to you or are they just waiting to reply? Being a psychic reader is a combination of counselor, psychologist and mystic. A good reader will assess what you are saying and how you are saying it before jumping in.
  5. Does your reader use generalities found commonly in most stereo-typical readings such as: He’s your soulmate or she’s your twin soul? While that may actually be the case many readers use catch phrases to carry you down a romanticized road hoping you will linger on every word extending the duration of the call. Soulmates and twin souls do not come together as often as you think so think when you hear those phrases or any catch phrase.
  6. A reader who is authentic has nothing to prove and will deliver the information they are receiving succinctly and clearly.
  7. A true reader does NOT channel. Only souls who are NOT spiritually evolved allow disincarnate entities to channel through them and often they are nothing more than common humans who have not gone higher than the 4th An authentic reader is closer to the Source also known as GOD and gets their information directly from the LIGHT and nothing less. Be sure you are listening to someone who is tuned into the higher light of God and not the lower space gods there to confuse you.
  8. A genuine reader will not tell you what you want to hear but will be honest and forthright with you even if it is NOT what you want to hear.
  9. An authentic psychic will get a small percentile wrong, there are no real psychics who are 100% accurate because accuracy is based on you and what you do with the information you are given. No reader can force you to follow his or her guidance and often your own fears or misperceptions of the information will cause that info to falter. Thus no psychic can be 100% right.

My best advice to anyone looking for a genuine intuitive is to pray for guidance to be lead to one who has your best interest in mind and read their articles, blogs, watch their videos or just tune into their picture to see if you resonate with their energy. Common sense should tell you that if you don’t feel a connection there probably isn’t one.

If you resonate with me, consider it angelic guidance. I have learned that the universe, guides, angels and God always lead souls to me whom they KNOW I can help.


Wishing you love beyond measure and readings of the highest quality.



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