How To Find Your Soulmate Through Feng Shui

Sometimes in this world, life gets in the way of the simplest things. And the simplest thing in life to do is to love yourself. Our Soul mates come into our lives when we believe in ourselves and open our heart and our mind to the wonders and possibilities of all things, not just the things we want or think we should have with our partners. The unexpected is usually the best gift in life.

When you start to believe in yourself and all things are possible, due to the law of attraction, those things will start to show up in your life. Believing that your soul mate is out there is critical to the preparation of manifestation. Manifesting your ideal person or love will help the law of attraction to bring this person your way. You need to believe that you are not just looking for love but this person is also looking for you too.

Learn to love yourself, when you believe the world is a lovely, friendly place with people full of kind hearts, then this is what you will experience and this will improve your mental well-being also. When you live a stressful life and a life where you are putting yourself down, then you become bitter and attract the opposite of what you are seeking.

Make a time line or map of your desires, not just in your person you seek, but in your life in general. What things do you want to do and see? When you go out and enjoy the world and see and do things, people who also enjoy your similarity will come into your life bringing you joy.

Let go of the past. So many people that come to me for readings, are holding onto past loves and hurts for no reason, but to only want to make the other person that hurt them feel bad or wish them bad intent. But by holding onto this past hurt, only burns you, no one else, if they are no longer in your life, then what reason, but for only to make you feel better would you want to know about a past relationship. The past is a past for a reason, when you look back you cannot see forward and just bump into things over and over.

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Feng Shui is considered to help in all areas of life including soul mates. The far right corner of your bedroom is considered the relationship area. Create an altar in this area, include flowers, pink or red candles, small swans or other animals that mate for life, romantic photos and statues that represent love to you. Spend a few mins each day saying a prayer of gratitude to yourself and positive energies will come to bring you your soul mate.

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One thought on “How To Find Your Soulmate Through Feng Shui

  1. Erin Ringer

    I believe I already have found my soul mate . We’re going through some rough times. . We have 5 kids and he can’t work because he has to care for his 90 yr old grandma who doesn’t let anyone else help her. I have been laid off for a long time. I just got a job well we’re 95% sure but it’s a long process. No money for Christmas and bills next month. We need a miracle. Also our marriage has become very distanced because of people here and the house is filled with negative energy. I sucks up energy like a vacuum. I want to have a nice long conversation with a psychic but lack of money is stopping me. My point is one you will know when you find your soul mate because it will be love at first glance and two only with your soul mate can you conquer anything together.


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