How Reiki And Body Scanning Works

Body scanning is an important part of most Reiki healing sessions.  Body scanning is an intuitive method of detecting areas of the body in need of healing

Opening the “third eye”.
Reiki practitioners, who accept the importance of chakras in healing, talk about opening the “third eye” in order to see energies that need to be unblocked.  The idea is that problems within the body will show up within the person’s auras.  For example, illness may produce an aura with a hole in it or an unexpected dark spot.  Learning to see auras and disturbances in auras, takes practice.  If auras are included as part of your Reiki training, you will be given exercises that help you learn to see the subtle auras surrounding a person.

Psychic Scanning

Psychic Scanning is a technique that involves psychically scanning the body, organs; Aura & Energy centers (Chakras). A scan is an intuitive process of locating issues or discomfort that can then be addressed if required. By a medical professional. Psychic scanning is not a substitute for licensed medical care, and does not take the place of x-rays or MRI’s that may be ordered by your physician. Psychic Scanning can help detect areas where physical problems might manifest if left untreated.

It is an excellent technique to use with individuals such as the disabled, the very young, or the elderly who may otherwise not be able to communicate discomfort or other health concerns. It is a wonderful opportunity to get insight into your own health, or to find out how a loved one is feeling who might not be able to communicate otherwise. Body scans can be done on any person or animal around the world. All the information that is received will be provided to you upon completion of the scan, however there is no guarantee that Psychic Scanning is 100% accurate.

Psychic Healing

A psychic healer is a person who is able to channel his psychic energy towards alleviating a condition or healing the body in a holistic way. The psychic healer may use intuitive, clairvoyant or telepathic capacities to sense and heal a physical ailment. There are also psychic diagnosticians or medical intuitive that can arrive at a diagnosis of what is wrong with a person’s body without using any medical tools like x-rays or scans. Some healing modalities that maybe used by psychic healers are reiki , pranic healing techniques, guided imagery, creative visualization, affirmations in combination with herbs, massage, aromatherapy and nutritional-diet changes.

Body scanning can be used at the beginning, during, and at the end of a Reiki healing session.  When it is done prior to a Reiki healing session, scans provide healers with advance information on where to concentrate their efforts.  Used during a healing session, scans help healers know when to pause to channel Reiki and when to move on. At the end of a session, a re-scan of the body insures that the flow of energy through the body has been enhanced and is now balanced.

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