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By Farrah: Have you ever found yourself dwelling on your past, perhaps even your partner’s past? I have a few words for you today. Get out of the past NOW. One of the most crippling things a person can do within a relationship is to focus on the past, on someone’s past experiences what they have been through, why, what they did, judging a person based on their past is a sign that you need change fast or you will find yourself very soon to be walking down a very long and lonely road in life without love and true joy.

farrah3 The past is called the past for a reason. That’s where it belongs and nowhere else. Behind you. Just as the future is where it is for a reason, just as the ‘present’ moment is as it is a GIFT within the current now. I have worked with many hundreds of people dealing with issues within their relationship, and one of the biggest issues a relationship faces is Trust. When you have trust you have something concrete like almost unbreakable, something stronger, you have stability, you have believed, and you have joy.

The beautiful, incredible thing about life is that we have a choice to be happy or sad. We have the choice to live a good life or a bad one. No matter how limited our time is we in this moment have a choice. When a partner dwells on someone’s past, on a past love, relationship, on past mistakes their significant other has made this can be extremely damaging. Because we are right away judging something that no longer exists, the past is part of a journey that brought us to where we are today, how can one judge that which does not exist? It’s very simply not an intelligent or spiritually wise move to make.

The strongest of loves of relationships can be damaged by such judgement which is why I tell you today in such situations of hardship in love and romance, think with your spirit not your mind, this is key to making the right decisions and doing the right thing in a relationship. If you want to grow a new connection with someone you are perhaps dating, seeing, in a relationship with then you need to not judge ones past rather accept it embrace it and more than anything embrace who is standing before you. Because it is then that you are closing the door to distrust, limiting its chance in finding a way in and you are creating a foundation for magic to happen, for true happiness to happen and real love and joy to grow is to let go of the past.

Once again to all those who have taken your time to read this article today I thank you and for all those who live a daily life of living in the now and letting go of the past. I praise you, for all those who have begun or about to begin the process of letting go of the past and practising this each and every day I love you, you can do it. It’s not easy, but getting to a place of true happiness in life is not always easy but it’s worth it. Let go of the past, NOW, do not let a person’s past ever cloud your judgement of the person they are today. Make this simple change and watch your relationship transform in fact watch the relationships in your life transform before you romance and not.

“How would your life be different if…You stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people you encounter? Let today be the day…You look for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey.” Steve Maraboli




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