Get More From Your Psychic Readings With Moon Cycles

By Anntionet: Let’s face it. Receiving a psychic reading is expensive. Receiving a psychic reading from a genuine psychic is even more so. The apprehension that comes with spending money on receiving advice from a psychic or clairvoyant person, etc. is highly understandable. Many clients have asked why such a good chunk of change is charged.

Here is the answer; you, as a client are paying for valuable energy to be tuned into you. Just like a paid contractor gives their valuable knowledge and energy to help build or repair a home or other building, so the psychic gives their valuable energy, time and attention to the client in consultation to their questions.


Psychics don’t just use their energy and gifts during readings. Many times, they also use their gifts during their own day-to-day lives. A psychic’s energy, and in many instances their time is very precious to them. That being said, it is in no way intended to imply that a psychic’s time and energy is any more or less valuable than their client’s time and energy, or to approach this as a comparison of individuals by any means.

Everyone has value, whether you are the querent or the reader and many times, during a consultation even the reader can gain some insight which they may not have been previously aware of that pertains to their environment or person. The point is one of exchange. So how can a querent (a person whom is receiving the reading and having their questions answered) stretch their payment a little further and gain more insight during a reading?

Moon cycles. The cycles and phases of the moon greatly influence the earth, and the lives of the beings (including us humans) who live on it. The moon influences the oceans, as well as our emotions, behaviors, our environment and even our perceptions of our environment. Along with and in conjunction with the alignments of other celestial bodies, the Moon sends us its energies for a reason; to assist in the regular cycles of life. Somewhat similar to what a psychic does, who are usually very in tune with the Moon and celestial energies as well? So why not join them in tune to enhance your psychic reading experience? Here’s what you can do.

New Moon: During the New Moon, contact your personal psychic consultant to gain insight on projects and relationships that you have or have considered starting or proceeding with. Ask about potential new paths to take.

Waxing Moon: During the Waxing Moon, discuss with your personal psychic things regarding what you want to manifest and to come to you, what type of progress might come into your life and if not, ways you could help make it so.

Full Moon: During the Full Moon, it is a good time to consult with your personal physic about what you might want to understand more about, things which may need more light shined upon them or areas in your life which you may consider exploring more.

Waning Moon: During the Waning Moon, it may be best to ask your psychic consultant to look at things which you are considering letting go of, projects that you may be wanting to close down or even relationships you are considering, or are concerned may be ending.

Connecting with your personal psychic consultant is quite important, as well as good communication and understanding between the both of you during the reading about not only what messages are coming in, but also why they may be coming up during that particular time. As a professional psychic advisor, I want you to get the most out of our discussion, because you deserve it.


Love and Light,


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