Do you believe in Angels?

I used to be a skeptic. Big time. I had never had my cards read until I bought my own deck of Angel Cards for the first time. I really wanted to believe, but it just seemed so far out there. Like how could this be real? Could the Angels truly want to be communicating with me? I definitely did not want any part of tarot cards because of the “not so nice cards” in there. I know we cannot avoid certain things in life but I am all about allowing things to unfold and really did not find the need or the desire to be forewarned.

But then something inside of me changed and I began to read Doreen Virtue’s books on Angels and the more I read, the more intrigued I was. Her certainty and faith in Angels, and her cards really stood out to me. I found myself buying another card deck of hers and by the time she came out with her first Angel Tarot Cards, I was comfortable enough with her and the Angels to buy them. She had changed the “not so nice cards” into their more positive meaning while still retaining their true meaning.

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This is where intuition and faith and the knowing come into play.

The cards are giving us glimpses of potential for our future path, they are not to be taken just at face value. They are to be told with the help of the Angels to guide us to their true meaning. What do I mean? Well, if you get the Birth Card, it does not necessarily mean you are going to have a baby! It could mean that, but, it also represents the “birth of something new and dear to you” which could be a relationship, a new job, a new idea, a new home, a business idea or bringing a new pet into your home. The person getting the reading and the Life Reader can help you to see its true meaning.

To get a really clear picture of what the Angel messages are, at least 3 cards need to be pulled and the questions need to be asked clearly. Stay away from yes or no questions…. And, the most important part, I feel, is that when you come to Life Reader with a question, you remain open. Be open to the possibility that you WILL gain insight into your question, and you will. If we as your chosen reader are not getting an answer clearly, we will let you know. Sometimes that does happen, and it is beyond our control. We can ask the Angels your question and if they feel it is in your best interest to know the answer, they will give it to us and, give it to us in such a way that is fun and light, helpful and spot on with accuracy.

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When a person is very skeptical of getting read, sometimes magical things can happen if the person is ready for a shift in their perception. They may get a reading that leaves them and the Life Reader absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the whole thing but, if they are not ready for that shift in their thinking, then the Angels and Spirit can be real jokers and give a reading that might not make sense for a long while.

I encourage you to be open to connecting with the Angels and with Spirit, because then the most magical readings can occur and truly give you some really wonderful insight as to what will happen in your life if you continue along the path you are taking, or many times they will gently point you in the direction of your Life’s Purpose, your Soul Mate or what steps to take to stay healthy.

These are all such wonderful things to have insight on and I would love to do a reading for you! Please come and see me whenever you have some questions about your life’s path… I look forward to reading for you!

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    1. Sarah B

      Hi Joan,
      You can call or chat with me thru Life Reader for a reading. I would be glad to answer your question there!

  1. paula temple

    I would like to know if my granddaughter who has moved to the Gold coast is going to be okay as she is going to stay by herself while her aunty is away in America I worry about her thank you

    1. Sarah B

      Hi Paula,
      Please feel free to connect with me thru Life Reader as I do not give readings here in the comments section. Thanks!


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