Being Fierce In Who You Are

By Anntionet: Many times, no matter how strong one is and no matter how much a warrior they consider themselves, there are times of weakness in one’s life. Yet we forget that not all weaknesses are actually weak. In using our strengths with compassion, understanding and love and in forgiving ourselves for our weaknesses, we come closer to accepting weakness as a part of who we are. As a part of what makes you, you. Through this acceptance, we may gain more understanding about why we have them, and how we may morally use them to both our own and other people’s advantages. We learn about how weaknesses interact with and influence everyday life and individual perspectives of it. 

We exist in the infinite. This means that anything is possible. Universal endlessness. Working through cycles of the sun and continuously existing in our own power. Now, we also exist in the finite. The material cycles of the maiden, mother and crone. We are a combination of all that surrounds us and all that is within us. As within, so without and as above, so below creates crossings of existence. When you know who you are – you control all of it and conjure endless opportunities. 


But how does one direct these opportunities by being fierce in a time of weakness? By staying true to yourself and to the outside world about your reasons for having weaknesses and your reasons for thinking thoughts, speaking words and taking actions. By acknowledging that it is okay to think the thought, speak the word and take the action. Once you begin this acceptance of self, you may begin to overcome fear of the infinite roads to which your path leads you and begin to interact with your environment, and your partner on a more intimate level. 

You may begin to experience butterfly effects, synchronicities and obvious manifestation for more satisfying experiences. You may be presented with more opportunities to remove weaknesses or transform them into more personal power, if that is your choosing. You may receive heightened senses or even expand your spiritual awareness, allowing you to spend more time in an appreciative moment instead of being trapped in the past or in the future. The goal, if recognized by the playing participant (that’s you and I) is to utilize weakness as a carrier of negative energy in circumstances which can influence a positive outcome. 

Of course, most times this is not as easily done as it sounds. Sometimes it is done with either an acknowledged or unacknowledged lie or with other out of balance factors. Interacting with the universe in all of our glorified fierce power can and usually will knock us right on our ass. Why? Because we usually react from the ego, with a false sense of self and from a sense of selfishness even when we think we are acting in self sacrifice. 

One of the keys (keys which are personal to the individual) to finding and remaining in our fierceness and in our ability to apply weakness in a positive way is in knowing and trusting that we experience and react to our environment through our will. We use our best knowledge of our self, the situation and our influencing environment in the moment we are using our will. With this key, we forgive our regrets, we rise up to our challenges and we take ahold of our own destiny instead of waiting for someone to reassure us that we are in fact not weak.

Knowledge of self and control of self. Not so easy to understand let alone accept. How do we know and accept the truths about ourselves and then act on them with confidence? There are numerous ways. One way, a way of the Goddess herself is by accepting our own challenges with grace, beauty and perhaps a little bit of lightheartedness and humor. Using our challenges to inflict our will into our environment, harming none yet sending it out to rot, transform and regrow. 

Here in the northern hemisphere it is the autumn season. Samhain, Harvests and Halloween. The waning time of year when unrelenting darkness descends. Now is a time of facing our shadows, our weaknesses. A time of letting go, of using our will to push out into the world and into the universe. Both what we want and what we do not want in our lives. But to know what we want and what we don’t want can be complicated. Sometimes we embrace self doubt and say to ourselves “If I let it go, can I get it back?” or “if I let it go, will I regret it?”. And sometimes we just change our minds. 

When we remain fiercely authentic in who we are and why we do things, this self doubt takes a back seat. Even if it’s still there nibbling at our brain. When we allow our true self to cause action, by effect we allow the universe to rearrange itself to our liking. It is not selfish to like our life or our way of living. It is simply accepting who we are, loving who we are and that is what makes us fierce in our own right.


Love and Light,


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