Are You Happy With Your Spirit ?

Many times do you wonder where we have come from and how our life is going to map out to the end of life. The spirit lives in you and knows good and bad you have free will to choose what side of the fence you’re on its either the negative side or the positive side you can change anything in this life when you have the determination to do so.

Have you lost who you are? Do you know who you are? If you have answered no to these questions then you have problems being unhappy with one self means you’re not connecting to your spirit you are too busy in the world? with things that are occupying your mind. Then along the way you wonder why you don’t have inner peace because you are so consumed up with fears anxiety but you cannot see the spirit in you then you don’t like yourself because you feel empty, let’s look at this for a moment when you were born you are full of love compassion no stress all in your God consciousness.

Then we get older and are conditioned to what our parents want us to do and become it is very hard to live up to expectations with a parents and often the case all you want to do is please them. This is your human self it is not the spirit.The spirit cannot be controlled you have free will for this you choose whether you want to be loving and caring patient with all things when you give out love and kindness this is what you get back from the universe because you are in tuned with your spirit if you do not understand what I mean by this you are always welcome to come on to life reader and chat with me it is easy to stay in tune with spirit once you know how then you only project out everything that is good and people want to be around you. Because they love the light in you is an amazing thing when you’re in your God consciousness and how you see things differently if you having problems with your relationship then this is because you are not projecting out the true spirit in you, We always worry about what we don’t have and never think and be happy with what we do have look around you and see Beauty not Darkness when you see a newly born baby you have a smile on your face and you say how cute and they look like Little Cherubs because they have come from spirit and that is what I’m trying to say to you today look inside you are you happy with your spirit ?

Think about it for a day or so then write the things down that you are happy with and the things that you are unhappy with write them down and then start the changes today I believe in miracles I believe in angels and I believe in you.

Much love


talk soon

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4 thoughts on “Are You Happy With Your Spirit ?

  1. kim senior

    Hi i dont believe in anything ,my life is shit i have had a crappy life through all kinds of abuse ,also know matter how good a person i am how good a worker i am it gets you know where in life, life is unfair ,i find that to get by in this world you have to be a back stabbing gossiping selfish using lying bitch or bastard .

  2. Jernicer

    I’m have meet this man off blackplant and he is a nice man he out going person i wonder have i find the right man right now are should i just be friend with him and just stay single for right now

    1. Ann

      hello there it is always better to go slow and check everything out better to stay friends and the let it build destiny has a way of fixing things any way and with the universe behind you this will work Blessings Ann


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