Angels Are All Around

By Michelle: The angelic realm sits just above the spirit realm, which is where our loved ones in heaven are. It’s a higher vibration than the spirit realm. Which means the angelic realm vibration is faster, higher and purer. Closer to the divine life energy, or God Source.

The guidance, information and protection from the angels are purer, they have stronger love energy present in the messages they communicate to us.


As a result, the information received from angels brings a sense of peace, giving you guidance in a gentle loving way. This takes away fear. You may say “it’s not all a bed of roses here on the earth plane, in this life”. That’s true! It’s not. Our egos get all sorts of funny ideas. Our egos get us in all sorts of strife. It’s our egos that feel the hurt and pain, anger and fear. All these lower vibration emotions come from ego.

As a child of the universe, you are a soul created from love. Love is the language of the spirit realm, the angelic realm and the God Source.

As we go through each of our learnings, our angels watch over us. This is something they agreed to do. They are always there. We aren’t aware of their presence. They aren’t intrusive. They cannot influence anyone’s free will. They do however give signs of what’s best for us in our highest good. How we receive this information is up to us, just as what we do with it is up to us.

In times when you hit rock bottoms, no energy to go on, you breakdown and cry. In those moments is when you reach out asking for help from the divine. It’s then that your angels are able to step in. Slowly, gently and carefully, you are guided to exactly where you need to be. This process takes time to transcend to the earth and become grounded in your new life. When we find ourselves at rock bottom we want it to change now! 

There has to be a healing time, a time of going within. At this time the new seeds are planted. It is now you are determining how these will grow. What type of crop you will harvest, in your new cycle. This time is when your energy is contracted, you’re looking within. You’re healing, grieving and transforming as this process takes place. Recharging yourself emotionally, mentally and physically. While this is happening, your angels watch over.

Angels also know when someone is thinking about taking their own life. Angels know your thoughts. Days before, angels will be working at aligning the right people to be in the right place at the right time. Making sure everyone involved is exactly where they are meant to be on a karmic level, for their lesson in the situation. If the person who is thinking of taking their life isn’t meant to pass this way, as they have more to learn. An intervention will be facilitated by the angels.

Accidents are the same. Some people are involved in the most horrific accidents and survive. Others have simple accidents and pass away. Every event and person in your life has a role, the angels have brought them to you for.

Your angels will protect you in every way, according to your overall karmic lessons and learnings for this lifetime.

When a loved one passes, we grieve the loss of them in our life. We grieve for the future events they won’t share with us. We grieve the past events. We worry about their last days, hours or minutes. We try to imagine how they experienced their passing. We imagine the pain. Do you remember being in pain? No, your loved ones didn’t experience any pain at the time of their passing. As soon as the moment occurs in the transition back to spirit takes place, the angels step in. They take the soul-making the transition from the body, that is no longer needed. This is the moment the body goes into a coma-like state. At this time the soul of your loved is standing next to their body with those who are in spirit and those who are still alive. Angels all around facilitating the transition. The final breath is taken when the silver cord that attaches your soul to your body is broken.

In some cases, it is at this time, after receiving counseling from the angels, and the human body can heal. That some souls return to their bodies. In other cases, this is not an option. The silver cords melt away. The soul has completed the birthing process back to heaven. The birthing team of angels made sure this was a safe, loving and welcoming process, for all.

Everything in our lives is working to a precise plan. Even though there seems to be no plan in place. Your angels are the coordinators of every moment. This brings you everything, everyone and every lesson you have come here to experience and achieve. Giving you exactly what is required for you as a soul on a spiritual journey to grow and evolve. Eventually reuniting with the very source of pure that gave birth to you, your soul.

There is only one spirit realm. This is where all souls return. The good go to heaven and the bad go to hell is simply a saying. All souls good, bad, evil, kind no matter what type of life they have lived return to the same spirit realm. They are then taken by the angels for a life review. It’s at this time they are shown all manner of details where they triumphed in life and where they have still to improve. It is also where they are shown the karma they created or healed, for themselves. The angels facilitate all of this, as they have the role of guidance, unconditional love, healing and all that’s in the highest good for the soul journey back to unification with the source it was born from.

This journey can take thousands of lifetimes. Then after the earthly role is complete and all lessons learned, the soul will not incarnate into human form anymore. They become an angel and begin the same process of learning in the angelic realms.

Angels love us unconditionally! They don’t experience any negative emotions. They resonate with the energy of unconditional love. They no longer have egos. They’re the link between the life force, or god force and the earth plane. This link is pure.

You are never alone. You are divinely loved, protected and guided. Trust.


Blessings, Love and Light,


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