10 ways to deal with your ex

Lets Begin with what an ex means. An Ex is partner we were once romantically associated with. A person of the past, and not a person of the future. Through my experience as a spiritual Life Coach I have come to hold the knowledge that an Ex is an EXample of false love and a physical EXplanation as to why you deserve better. For me no better words were spoken in the world of love and past relationships.

We have all had to deal with ex’s in our lives, perhaps in the past a long time ago, or more so recently, perhaps even now. Whether we want to move on but our ex partner seems to be in contact or whether we are the ones in contact wondering what they are doing, thinking, if they still love us or if they still care. Which ever it is here a few simple steps and reminders as to how to deal with your ex.

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1) It can be hard not thinking about the ones we love, the ones we shared a life with yet are no longer with, thinking of your ex and perhaps wish these thoughts would stop? Just remember, timing in this world is everything and when timing is not right relationships don’t work, perhaps your time was just not right and you or he are not at fault.

2) What are they thinking? do they still me? The fact of the matter is the chances in the answer being yes is high, you don’t simply move on from another person fast unless you fall in love with someone new. Forget what they are thinking and focus on what you are not thinking about­ you and your future this is most important of all.

3) If your ex ended things, and now they are some how in contact after all that has happened, should you answer and be in communication? oh no no no. Silence and distance is the biggest and best thing you can do, it is powerful and it creates change in our ex partners and most importantly in us.

4) Should I reach out? quick answer is no. If it didn’t work the first time it won’t work the second time unless some time has past and growth and change has taken place but usually time is the only factor that enables this to happen. So don’t waste your time reaching out till you know enough time has past to enable change.

5) Do they still love me? Chances are if you feel love for them then they feel it for you we are all spiritual beings made from energy and connected with each other, even if there is love there, love is not always enough to create happiness, we need balance and need to be able to get along understand, communicate and laugh.

6) Make an effort each day to catch yourself each time you think of your ex, make yourself aware of it and redirect your thoughts its as simple as that. Thinking about something that you are not ready for or that they are not prepared and ready for won’t do you any good put your time to use and grow your life.

7) I was never happy with them, why do I still want them back? It’s natural to feel this way, but a way to stop these thoughts and feelings is to grow your self confidence and understand your worth, once you get a real understanding of what you are worth and how precious you are you will not want them back as you will only allow yourself the absolute best.

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8) How do I wait for an ex? ahhh one of the most popular questions I come across time and time again, quick answer, you don’t! I never suggest you to wait for anyone no matter how much you love them or how important they are to you, timing in this world is everything if timing is not right and it is meant to be but not yet then the universe will allow and ensure it happens when time is right you should live your life in the now meet date or even love new people, if things are meant to be they will happen there is a destined plan for us all out there after all.

9) Where we so good together after all? were we happy together beyond my dreams? if you were not then what is the point going back­ again it is all about awareness and reminding yourself that you are worth the world, and with this attitude you won’t settle for anything less than you deserve in the future.

10) I will end these tips on how to deal with your Ex with one of my favorite sayings.
Something you should perhaps remember and remind yourself of when you find your thoughts and feelings drifting back to them….. Ex means thanks for the EXperience, our time has EXpired, now EXit my life!

You are strong, stronger than you know, you don’t need to let your past get the better of your now and future you have the power to control your life and all who come in to it. There are always ways to deal with our ex whether that be putting them out of our mind for now or moving on for good I can help you find the right way to suit you, contact me via the LifeReader chat and I will help you today.

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  1. melanie Swift

    My marriage is over and I have been seeing another man. It has been very minimal and nothing serious I just like spending time with him. I want to know if he and I will ever have a passionate relationship and is it worth the time to pursue this man. Or should I just have fun and enjoy his company till it’s over?


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